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Friday, May 27, 2005

Habitat and Grades

Pearls and Dreams

Habitat does not allow people who will not be on the title to do the sweat equity. Even the children who are going to live in the house. The only thing the children can do is get good grades. They get 1 hour for every A. 1/2 hour for every B.
Report cards came today. Samuel got us 5 hours (3 A's and 2 B's and Bj got us 1 A).

With the hours that I have put in this month, that puts us at 299 hours out of 450. However, our official hours will be 294, because we are not turning the grades in until June. JUST in case my husband doesn't make it up there as often as necessary in June. You have to put a minimume of 15 hours a month, with me being laid up from surgery, the grades will mean he will only HAVE to put in 10.

I was hoping to get in one more hour, and the grades and hit that 300 mark ... Tuesday will be the end of the first year of our involvement in the program. Would have been a nice way to end it. Oh well, we tried! We know that we are at 299 even if not on the board.
151 hours to go!


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