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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Home. There is a reason I don't like EGD's

Pearls and Dreams

I am home. They did not sedate me for the EGD. They gave me demerol for the pain, but it did not stop the discomfort. Since there was no sedation, there was no myasthenic crisis.

He decided while he was there he wanted to look at my vocal chords again. So we did that first. That was hard. Not sure I'm ready, or ever going to post about those results. Other than to say, the lupus is still evidenced in the vocal box. There was a few other things said too ..that was the hard part to deal with.

Then onto the EGD...

I gagged ...and gagged ... and gagged ...and gagged. I think I got two swallows in when he asked for them. He was very nice about it. I was so embarrassed.

He was concerned that there might be some kind of constricture, there was none. He did not need to take any biopsies. He found all the old ulcer scars, no new ones! There was plenty of evidence of reflux, but no damage, per say (as in Barrett's or such). The structural damage to the valve caused by the bulimia, was no longer evidenced! My last GI doctor told me that was permanent and would not heal. (BUT, that was before I got into treatment. So, I wonder if he wasl trying to scare me into treatment???)
Either way, it's healed now. I still have GERD, but, the Nexium appears to be helping it, so he said to continue. He put me on a GERD diet ... no chocolate, no coffee ...

I spend 24 years of my 40 year life with obessive dieting, food rules and restricting. 2 years of eating normally and suddenly ... I am having outside rules inforced on me for medical reasons. Go figure.

But, it's over, I am home, no myasthenic crisis. So as soon as my nose and throat stop hurting from the trauma, all will be fine.


  1. (((((((PK)))))))

    So glad you're home, dear! And glad the results of your testing were good for the most part. Can sense more than a little sadness over the vocal cords, praying for you sweetie! I'm here if you need me!

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  3. Glad you are ok...and that at least some of it was good news! Hang in there...hope you feel much better soon!!

  4. Oh girl, I'm glad you're home too. And now that it's over, can I say that it sounds absolutely awful!!! I gag if I have too much toothpaste in my mouth. That would have wrecked me, I am sure!!!

  5. I'm glad it's over (sorry so late; I was away last weekend and am still recovering).

    I have no idea what you're alluding to with the vocal cord stuff, and I really don't mean to pry if you don't want to talk about it, but it just really stood out to me, both because you were obviously upset and because, having spasmodic dysphonia (dystonia of the larynx, which affects my speech), I know how hard voice stuff can be to deal with, esp. emotionally (I can deal with all of the outward signs of being sick/disabled just fine--canes or scooters or braces, things that stupid people ask stupid questions about--but my voice stuff continues to be the one thing about which I'm very self-conscious and resentful).

    Anyway, I realize it's likely a very different issue, and I totally respect if you don't want to deal with it now and promise I won't say another word about it, but iif you DO decide you want to talk about it, please feel free to write to me, 'cause I know it sucks.

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