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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Odd Neuro Appt

Pearls and Dreams

My appointment with my neurologist started out on an odd note. Yesterday, I had a migraine. While trying to sleep off that migraine. I got a reminder call, to be at the doctor's office at 8:30. I hung up, woke up later thinking that was very odd. My appt wasn't till 9. By the time it really sunk in, it was too late in the day to call. I didn't have time this morning to call and ask AND make it to their office by 8:30 if that was accurate. So, not one to be late anywhere I go, for any reason ... I left ... and was there by 8:25.

The receptionist handed me paperwork. I looked at her funny and she asked me for my insurance cards & photo ID. I asked her why I had to fill out the paper work and why they needed the ID. She said, in an overly condenscending voice, as if she was talking to a 5 year old. "Well, we ask all new patients to fill out this paper work. We need your insurance cards to bill your insurance"
I looked at her as if SHE were the 5 year old and said "I'm NOT a new patient!"
She said "you've been here before?"
"yes, Dr. M has been my neurologist for quite a while"
Then she took back the paper work, apologised and kind of laughed and said "oh, you just need to sign in then."
I told her that he'd been my neuro for 13 years.
Suddenly, her and her deskmate had all sorts of questions about his personality, which I thought was hilarious. Was not about to answer them. But still found it funny.
In the end I told her the only way he'd changed over the years was the limp. I knew him before he'd had his first knee tumor (2 tumor's, and he has a permanent severe limp ...come to think of it, I didn't see his cane today!!!)

But we did commisserate about allergies and he asked me if I thought zyrtec D would help him LOL, I wonder if I've been his patient too long, this isn't the first time he's asked me for MY medical opinion, he more than once said I really missed it when I chose to not follow my dream to go to medical school when I was younger.

So, then, he did a neuro check on me. I told him I wasn't walking for him. He listened to me. (grin) He was kind enough to NOT check my reflexes, that has been so painful on my sore knee. I hope when they do the surgery in a couple of weeks, it fixes that!!!
Then he had me follow his finger. This is normally not a problem. It was HARD. I think I succeeded. He didn't say anything, but the concentration it took was unreal! Then he held his fingers off to the sides and asked me how many he had out. I looked to my right and then to my left and he pulled his hands to the center and said in a rather alarmed but somewhat amused voice
"YOU CHEATED?!?! Now do it again, right!"
So, he put up his fingers again.
I stared at his face, completely unableto see his fingers and said "TWO?"
He said "For a big wild guess ...you guessed right"

Ok, I've gotten the numbers wrong because of double vision before, but I have NEVER NOT seen the fingers. I've never even had the urge to move my head to look!! That was just plain weird.

He didn't say much about it. But, I know that if it happens again, it won't be ignored. I am do for my vision check. Actually, over due, bya bout 4 months. I just have been so busy with other doc appts, I've put it off. At this point, it will have to wait till I recover from knee surgery. I do hope this is just an MG thing. Weird.

We talked about my tremors. He was looking at the meds I take. I told him they don't bother me enough to medicate at this point. He said one way to tell if they are essential tremor's is if a drink of alcohol calms them down. I'd never heard that. I asked about my MG and the alcohol... he very shocked said "WELL DON'T GET DRUNK!!!! I SAID A DRINK! As in ONE drink, a glass, a shot ...not go drinkING!"
Which, that led us to what types of drinks ... I think if I try it, I'd have to go with Hot Buttered Rum. Except, it's too hot and humid right now to tolerate that. I'm just not a drinker. Maybe a wine here or there. I haven't had a drink of anything since long before my MG diagnosis. Before I got pregnant with Samuel.

Cute, now that my church leadership committee is discussing whether or not to be absolute tea tottlers or not (not a standard at our church at this time) .... I'm told by a doctor to take a drink LOL ... leave it up to me to be given the green light by my doctor's just when I'm being put into leadership in a group giving me the red light! Go figure.

I'm going to have to do some more research on the essential tremors and alcohol link ..any of you docs who read this blog .. send me any info you have!

Anyway ... we talked about my surgery and how my meds need to be managed. I told him that the ortho doesn't want to manage my MG when I have it done. He just smiled at that. He made sure they were admitting me not doing outpatient. I said yes, he said that my PCP would call him and as always, I'll not be able to walk or breath for a few hours, then the next day be fine and go home. Sounds like fun huh? lol

Then, I finally remembered to tell him I was getting a house through Habitat. I think he was a bit miffed that I was a year into the program and hadn't told him. whoops. But he was glad for me.
He reminded me to take care of myself and to not overdo it ..yea ... um ... Dr. M ..have you MET Me? Maybe I should have filled out the new patient paperwork after all?


  1. grr, i can't stand snotty administrative types! the staff at my eye doc's office could all do with some happy pills.. and a copy of how-not-to-be-bitchy-for-dummies. ;)

    good luck with your upcoming surgery... i certainly hope it helps you and that your recovery is as uneventful as possible. take care of you!!

  2. I wish every doctor's office had my kid's doctor's office staff. They're fantastic.

    I wonder what these people think of when they treat patients like this?

    They treat us like we're wasting their time ..um, hello? we ARE your job ..without patients, you would have no job! So, you treat me like I'm wasting your time because?????

    Do they think we WANT to be there? Do they think we prefer to be there in the doctor's office as opposed to ..well? hmm Almost ANYTHING??? Especially at 8:30 in the morning when THEY have given ME the wrong time.

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