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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I've been Tagged :10 Things I've Never Done

Pearls and Dreams

Blondzila tagged me to do 10 things I've never done ... so, after looking at a few lists ... and thinking about it over night ... here's my answers:

1. Never taken illegal drugs.
2. Never taken Algebra.
3. Never gotten a tatoo.
4. Never traveled oversea's.
5. Never scuba dived.
6. Never changed a baby's diaper if the baby was under 2 days old. (I was smart, let everyone else do it till I got out of the hospital!I knew I had years in front of me!)
7.Never been snowboarding.
8.Never been to Disney WORLD.
9.Never been to all 50 states (46 of them)
10.Never Died

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