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Friday, December 08, 2006


I have a 17 year old son, junior in high school, who is extremely bright. Last year, he was functioning, well below his potential ...He brought home his Pre ACT and Pre SAT scores and went ...Oh my goodness .... I just might be a smart kid!

hmmm I think I've heard that before? His first practice test of the ACT had composite score as a 25. (you need a 17/18 to get into most colleges) you need a 25 to get into IVY league colleges.

He took this test, 5 weeks into his Sophomore year in high school, after having been homeschooled through the 8th grade. Mamma, was pretty proud.

More importantly, Samuel, realized that he was sliding by with his accepting being the smartest in the room. It was time to work. *whew* (Prayers answered!)

The school he went to, had the kids fill out interest forms. In addition to the Pre SAT and Pre ACT testing, they would give some career suggestions based on interests and scores.

The top career suggestion for Samuel ... Forensic Medical Examiner/Pathologist

His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree!
"I can do that?"

To him, anything like that, was out of his reach, because we are a financially strapped family.
"Samuel, you're a smart kid ...if you work, we're not paying for college, your brain will pay for college!"
"oh. I didn't realize that!"

He sat there quietly for a few minutes and then suddenly he was like a new kid. He got excited ... and he had a goal. Life was in front of him. Being the smartest in the class wasn't just enough, he needed to be his best.

He started to work to succeed.

This year, he's gotten a bit lackadaisical (SP?) and settling again ... and just in time ... another practice ACT score walks through the door ...
composite score of 29 this time ...with a science score of 32.
His Percentile ranking for the state ... Composite 96%ile ...for the nation ... 95%ile.
His Percentile ranking for science ... for the state ... 99%ile ... for the nation 98%ile.

He's realizing again, he needs to work, and he's got a gift he should not waste. His future is dependent on his ability to apply himself.

I'm a proud mamma. :D


  1. That is so great! Has he started considering schools yet? This is the year to do it...find out requirements and wahla...another goal to shoot for. ;)

  2. Yes, he knows. He wants to go to Oklahoma State University, and major in both pre med and chemistry. Then go to their medical school and then do a residency in both forensics and family medicine.

    He has to have an 18 to get into OSU ..and he'll need a 20 to get into their pre med program. He'll need a 21 to get into their chemistry program.

  3. What a wonderful thing.

    There are a lot of kids that get full, or nearly full, scholarships with a 29 ACT.

    Well done!