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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Friday Fellowship is at Amazon.com How totally awesome is that?


Tulsa Beacon also ran a press release on my book today.

"BA Author Releases Book"

I had a hard time finding the press release. I wasn't looking for the word author. I'm not used to living in BA yet ... very strange. Happy happy happy strange. But, strange none the less.

For those in the Tulsa Area, Tulsa Beacon is a newspaper you can purchase for 50cents at Quik Trip, amoung other places, on Thursdays. The release is on page 5. Sweet!

I managed to dislocate my shoulder this week. The one I had surgery on in April. It's quite painful. I need to notify my orthopedist. I promised the doc I would do so on Tuesday and haven't done it yet. Last night, I was trying to hurry and rammed right into a door with my shoulder. YIPPERS. A friend that's a physical therapist took a look at it, and said it's still intact. Just a bit swollen, which could have been from Monday's fiasco. It was awfully hot. What is bad, is that my joints are sooo loosey goosey ... (hypermobile is the medical term) I frequently pop my shoulders in and out, and rarely have to have medical assistance getting them back in ... so this was a bad one. Only once did they have to do the whole shabang that you see on TV with shoulders.

If you haven't been to my new website www.freewebs.com/peggikaye ... please check it out and sign the guestbook ...if you haven't been since the first day, please go back. I've updated it and added a few things. :D

As far as my Christmas wish list ...we decided to do something different this year. Instead of us, as parents buying for the kids, and Don buying for me, me for Don. We're going to take our Christmas budget, divide by 4, draw names out of a hat and each buy for each other. No one knowing who has who (idealy). The wish lists have gone onto the refridgerator. So no one tells anyone anything.


  1. Swinging by early to wish you Happy Holidays!


  2. It's been terrific watching everything unfold over the past several weeks -- I have a gift certificate for Amazon and was wondering what I should get; now I know!

    Great idea regarding the Christmas gift exchange -- have fun with it!