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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Merry Christmas

Ok folks ...it's getting closer and closer to Christmas ...so ...just what is it that you want for Christmas this year?

Seriously ... I'm looking for ideas here ... my husband has asked for a wish list.

My brain can't get past my book coming out.

I have my new house.

My marriage is great.

My kids are wonderful.

What more could I possibly want.

He's not satisfied.

He wants me to have actual gifts to unwrap on Christmas morning.

What are some of your 'ooooo makes me smile' things?


  1. Wow...

    To be honest, I am totally clueless.

    I haven't thought "along those lines" in years.


    Maybe a nice pair of earrings?


  2. I don't want anything this year . . .

  3. A favorite perfum, pretty things for hair, special edible treat I wouldn't normally buy myself, DVD's, Cd's, jewlry is good...of course these are what generally make up my list every single year!