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Monday, September 18, 2006

Time Flies

Pearls and Dreams The vaccination records quandry a while back for my oldest got temporarily fixed, but they asked us to get it "FIXED". I only knew one person who could FIX it, and that was the doctor who'd given the vaccines. The clinic, where the boys go now, is where the doctor works as an attending. I tried to get the administrator to go to this doctor, fill him in and ask him what to do, but, she said "our doctor's don't know what to do, they are not administrative doctors" (Ok, I understand that this is a medical school clinic, but this doc ran his own clinic for over 15 years, he does too know what to do!!!!)She also said he would not remember me. Um, my husband has extremely severe scoliosis due to polio, my kids both were born with immune deficiencies and were both hospitalized repeatidly during the first year of their life. (5 for Samuel, 7 for Benjamin, Benjamin was hospitalized an additional 3 times in his life, including once for meningitis) I, went into his practice, perfectly healthy and walked into the hospital to have Samuel, and walked out with Myasthenia Gravis and Lupus (although it did not get diagnosed for a couple of years) He saw me through a blood clot, MG diagnosis (what doctor is going to forget a myasthenic diagnosis????) Benjamin had seizures, craniosynostosis, speech and developmental delays ... and Samuel was talking full sentences at a year old and would tell Dr. M that "you are a goofy goofy man!" when Samuel was just 13 months old! We're not exactly a forgetable family. Granted, I just told the administrator that I knew he'd remembered me because he'd told the residents that he'd delivered my kids and to tell me hi on more than one occassion that we'd been in there. Nope, he'd not remember, it'd been too long. The most she could do was make an appointment and see if I could work it out face to face with him. Fine, at least I'd get to say hi. (I think she counted on him telling me there wasn't any thing to be done). So, we get there today, he walks in, significantly more white haired than he was when he left private practice 10 years ago, a bit shocked to see my child a young man and said "I'm old". To which, I about died laughing because I told Samuel that was going to be the first words out of his mouth. Samuel, was a bit unerved by our whole interaction ... Dr. M and picked up where we left off ... we'd have been friends if we'd met in another venue, and Samuel said it was obvious. I had told Samuel everything Dr. M was going to say, and Dr. M told Samuel that I had probably told him that he'd say this or that. Samuel, was a bit freaked out by the whole thing. 10 years took nothing from our ability to communicate. So, he looks into the computer and sees exactly what the vaccination record problem was, and knows exactly how to fix it. (yes, it could have been done at the administrative level, his comment to that ... "well, at least this way you got to come in and say Hi". Samuel almost fainted) Samuel got to talk to him about going into medicine and his plans for forensic pathology and family medicine and you could see Dr. M's pleasure that he'd chosen that route. We left and I went to shake his hand and he said he wanted a hug instead, very very sweet. It reminded me of the day he left and I took the boys in to say goodbye. Very neat. I forgot to tell him about the Habitat House and my book. oops! I did find out how his family is. :D I don't know how we would have made it through those early years of parenting and early years of the disease process without his support and education of what was going on. I was devastated when he chose to leave private practice (he initially went into quality assurance for insurance before going into teaching) I have had many doctors in the years since .....

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  1. Awww, how sweet!
    (the visit with the dr., not the records mix up or snotty desk lady.)

    I'm glad things are getting fixed and you had a good visit.

    You should send him a copy of the book with a note once you get it.