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Friday, September 08, 2006

best laid plans of mice and men

Pearls and Dreams

I had planned on writing a specific post tonight. I will have to do it tomorrow.

Tonight ... I went to work out this afternoon and then Don and I went to the grocery store. I walked into the house to come in to hear Benjamin crying. He was crying his cry that I've told him he's not to cry unless he has a broken bone.

He and Samuel had had a disagreement. Benjamin had no shirt on. Sugarfoot, Samuel's cat jumped on Benjamin's back and Benjamin threw him off. Sugarfoot hit the table and being a cat ...she hit the floor on all four paws and ran off, a bit miffed.

Samuel, being rather protective of Sugarfoot was livid that Sugarfoot had been thrown. (um, sorry, cat jumps on my bare skin, and I'm likely to fling said cat too!)
He got mad and kicked Benjamin.

Benjamin didn't want to be kicked.

Benjamin held out his hand to prevent being kicked.

Samuel's barefoot kicked Benjamin's hand.

Benjamin was screaming.

Samuel was shocked and mad that Benjamin was screaming so badly, but then, the hand did look a bit odd.

I got home about that time.

Took Bj to the emergency room. Fracture to the 5th metacarpel (however that's spelled). Dark purple bruise on the inside of his hand, big swollen lump on the back side of his hand.

By the time they told us it was broken ... he decided it was funny ...girls think it's cool for boys to have broken bones. OH brother!

Samuel is filled with guilt. We had to force him to eat dinner. Sorry bub ... not going to allow you to self destruct in order to assuage your guilt.
Glad you realize your mistake, but not going to allow you to inappropriately express it. *hugs*

The ER doctor said that normally they send you to the orthopedist a week later, but for some reason the ER doctor wants to see him on Monday. So, I don't know what means or why that is. Maybe they told him this is a rather happy squirmy kid. It is very swollen. We've dealt with too many fractures in this household ...and this is the most swelling I've ever seen. :(

The poor kid went to bed and said it didn't hurt hardly at all. But 10 minutes later called me and said "MOM!!! this hurts!" Yea, honey, you have a broken bone, it's going to hurt especially till you get the real cast.

So much for getting to help raise the wall :*(

For those who follow his essays in Under Cover ... um ...he'll be doing quite a bit of oral work for the next few weeks. *grimace*


  1. Well for goodness sake....Oh I remember those sibling fights well with my boys. Always picking and fighting with each other, but let a stranger do something to either of them and the other was right there standing up for him.

    I hope his hand will be ok.

    (((HUGZ to MOM)))


  2. hope both of them will be ok.. hugs!!!

  3. hah bet he broke it to get out of raising that wall ;)


  4. Pk..Did you receive an email from Dale at the 2996 tributes about posting early? It seems that some did and some didn't. I got an email from him either on wed or thurs and told to post. Mine wasn't even ready to post yet. Mother kitty also got one and some others did too. But others have emailed me asking why I posted early. I had assumed everyone got that email but now I am confused.

  5. It's Saturday.... I hope everything is going well!

    Please keep us posted on what the ortho says.
    (hugs to you and your family)


  6. Poor kid (both of them). At least the summer is almost over - so the cast won't be as annoying as it would be in the heat.

    My brother and I used to fight all of the time. But then puberty happened and it just wasn't a fair battle anymore.