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"And will you succeed? Yes indeed! Yes indeed! Ninety Eight and Three Quarters guarenteed!"

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Saturday's Habitat Pictures (Sept 17)

RandyTerryTim The first truss went up at 7:30 in the morning.

rafters2 Before we knew it they were all up!

rafters Solid construction!

DavidHabitat Look at our Handiwork!!

House So many people, some just had to look on.

RoofDecking The decking was hard work.

Peeking through the roof Peeking through a decked out roof!

End of Day 2 The end of building day 2. Work enough for building day 4 1/2. Ready for the roofers to come on Monday September 19. (Roof is on, as soon as the pictures come, they will be posted). My friend T and I had fun going back and forth through the front door. In and out, in and out. Benjamin got on our nerves at one point and LITERALLY got sent to his room. :D He quite enjoyed that.


  1. I'm speechless at how fast it is happening.

  2. Thank you TJ ... I can't wait till the blue siding comes on it this weekend!!!

    Cathy, it is only going up that fast because of God. Only, because of the power and the grace of God!!


  3. so very cool!!! but you got the days mixed up.. :) the 17th was sunday the 16th was saterday and monday was the 18th:) did they get the roof done then? they were able to do it on time..? how awesome is all that so very cool.. great pics!!! thanks for posting them!!!

  4. just wanted to say thanks for comming by and return the visit

  5. wow, I need to come and look the pics of your new house more often--it's like an instant "happy fix!"

  6. Wow it's going up fast! It looks great Pk!

  7. woohoo
    I have to say it tho...
    "Stop running in and out! Either get in and stay in, or get out and stay out." ;)

    It looks like things are coming along great!

    (btw, you've been tagged. :P )

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