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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Pearls and Dreams

Got the work done that my publisher asked me to (thank you so much Enigma and Marsha!!!) and tonight was the first night back for the school year for the worship team. It was a good day.

Picked up a script from the pharmacy. I can't wait to move. I keep thinking I should change pharmacies, but I'm moving in a couple of months and it seems changing 15 meds is an awful lot of trouble to move when you're moving in a few months.

I have one medication, Mestinon Timespan. Says right on the bottle ... Swallow whole, do not chew or crush.
Now, I've always been told that with Mestinon timespan, there is a special coating on it that allows the medication to be time released ... and if you crush it, chew it or cut it ..that it will release the Mestinon from the inside of the pill in an untimed fashion ... and therefore not in the manner that is the way it is meant to. It is ALSO the most likely way to get a Mestinon overdose (not a pleasant experience!).
So, I've been on Mestinon timespan before, but when Oklahoma Medicaid limited me to 6 medications a month, the convience of having the timespan and the regular mestinon seemed foolish with all the other necessary medications. So I stopped.
With Medicare Part D, I'm not limited in the number of medications, so my neuro and I realized I could start it up again. My MG is also doing well enough, I won't have to do as much of the regular Mestinon and I might be able to get by with mostly the timespan and just take 'booster' Mestinon's here and there. Very convienient.
So, he writes the script for 2 a day. 60 a month.
I pick it up.
My ambien, is written for 1/2 tablet a day 30 a month.
I pick up the medications.
I have 60 ambien ...tells me to take 2 a day.
My Mestinon Timespan says to take 1/2 tablet 2 times a day.

That'd be good ... give a myasthenic double ambien and half the mestinon with an open timespan so it's not being metabolized correctly. Can I say own Walgreens?

Check your meds people. Don't follow the label unless you know that's what the label is supposed to say. Make sure you know what the doctor meant for you to take.

I'm seriously thinking of moving my meds to a pharmacy by the new house since we start to build on Saturday and we'll be out there a few times a week.

Difficult Patient ... I did see your tag ... I will do it tomorrow, I'm still thinking about the answers.

My house starts Saturday ...can you believe it! It's finally here!! The day after tomorrow we go at 1 PM to mark the foundation and load the lumber into the trailer! So technically it's only 2 days.

It's less than 72 hours away!!!!!!

The brother that I posted about a while back, is coming later this month. He'll be here for a 3 day visit on the 28th!! Yeah! He'll get to see my house in process. :D

The publisher said they got the information I sent and now in Text management. It could take weeks there. (they format it for printing). I wonder if a devotional with poetry is faster, or takes longer ...hmmmmm.

Two weeks on green tea instead of coffee ...except today I had coffee with Wanda when we went out ... I think I like coffee better than Green Tea. Green tea is good for a treat, or just a beverage, it is NOT a good caffiene based drink. I need my coffee.


  1. yes checking labels is a good thing
    and im so excited for you to your house.


  2. I'll take ambien off your hands! :)

  3. so cool bout the house and your brother.. i never actually look at the label of my pills.. ooppps.. i just go off what the doc says ....

  4. I like green tea.

    But I'm with you on the coffee.

    Time is just flying by.

    You'll be IN your house before you know it.