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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Building Day 2, or is it 4?

Seriously, I know it's end of day 2, but, we might as well have been at the end of day 4.

For all the trouble that we've faced getting here, the miracles we've seen God work out getting it done and while it's happening are just tremendous.

Today we had the roof decking finished, including the covered porch decking, got our two front doors and our outside insulation. It is ready to be shingled and siding put up.

Yes, we're way ahead of schedule.

We were working this morning and a truck pulled up. Asked to talk to the person in charge. Seems he owns a roofing company, they'd just (literally just, they were driving home from it) finished a project and had some left over shingles. They were taking it to donate to some charity somewhere. Rather than do that, how about if they donate it here to this build.
More than that, their crew isn't busy on Monday, would it be ok if they do the roof for us?

EXCUSE ME? *gulp* So, our site supervisor told them that we'd do what we could and he'd meet with them tomorrow. (he couldn't insist the volunteers stay and do extra work.)

He thought, well, we'll try to get it as far as we can, then a Habitat crew could come and do some more on Sunday. Well, about 4ish, the crew that was left found out what was going on ... and there was no way they were going to let this opportunity slip through our fingers. We knew the donated shingles were ours, but the labor ... we had to get the roof ready!

And, we did. We left the lot 11 hours and 15 minutes after we got there this morning. Site supervisor left 11 hours and 45 minutes after he got there!!!

It is incredible indeed ... At the rate we're going, we were told we should be done by Halloween. So much for Thanksgiving! :D

I will put up pictures as soon as my nephew gets them up. I was just so excited about the blessing today I had to share. There was more today, but I'm so tired, that's all I'm getting out of these fingers tonight!

oh, and we had 61 people sign in. Not sure how many missed the sign in sheet!!!


  1. BIG SMILE! It sure has been a God thing!

  2. Is this amazing or what?!

    I'm so thankful to the Lord.


  3. *high pitched squeal of delight*

    how cool is that;)

  4. Being ahead of schedule sounds like divine intervention lending a hand!

  5. I agree with all of the above -- it sounds like you're getting A LOT of help from someone who is very influential...way to go!