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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pearls and Dreams

Pearls and Dreams

So far, only 4 pictures from yesterday's build. However, Take note, they ARE from yesterday, and this is not Tuesday ... my nephew got them out to me yesterday. Goooood Nephew!!!!

They have the roof on them from the roofers last Monday.

Also, notice how pristine white the porch cement was last Saturday in spite of the 61 people trapsing in and out ... and look at the mess from yesterday ...oh my oh my.

I spent yesterday trying to keep some degree of cleaning going. Pk's lupus did not appreciate it. My hands are swollen, muscles sore. You can actually SEE my sternum swollen with the costochondritis!! I have mouth sores (being in the sun too long?) and the Myasthenia is in a nice little flare (over use of muscles in trying to scrape off mud? who knows)

I gotta get past the looks ... there was one lady that was just a power house. She was older, little, long gray hair ... and could do anything. But everytime I sat down she'd give me this sour look that said "this is YOUR HOUSE! WHY are you sitting down?" More than once, she shot me a dirty look for not working as hard as she was working. It was really hard because I couldn't lean against a wall, or sit down without having her give me this look of disappointment or look of distain that said "Look at me, at my age ... and you, young and it's your house, what a shame!"

I'm used to those looks ... I get them frequently. I hate them. Don doesn't get it. He says he's never seen one and doesn't understand what I'm talking about. Well Don, no, you wouldn't. You, who would have been over 6 foot, but because of polio/scoliosis is 5'3 on one foot and 5'0'' on the the other, weighs 98 lbs ...is VISIBLY disabled ... you who people watch and wonder HOW you're even able to walk ... no one looks at you that way. It's the people with invisible disabilities that get those looks.

I worked so hard I got home at 4:30, was in bed by 5. Got up for dinner at 8, was back in bed by 9. I woke up this afternoon at 3 pm. I can tell you, I won't be up late tonight.
My pastor preached today on Balance. I missed it. Ironic.

Here's yesterday's pictures. Hopefully there will be more.






  1. Oh, I can't wait to see the finished product! Hold your head high, Pk!

  2. You are getting done so fast. But, I am also worried about you right now. After our recent emails and your comment on my blog I think you are exhausted. Are you doing to much PK?

  3. Exhausted doesn't begin explaining it.

    Doing too much doesn't touch the surface.

    My brother is coming from MN this week. Should really help the situation. *grimace*

    I just looked at my calendar for the week. I see my neurologist on Tuesday. Oh bother. *rolling eyes*
    At this point, that would be better than rheumatologist, however.

  4. The fruit is always sweeter off the tree you raised and nurtured.

    I know it is really hard on you, but imagine yourself on your couch in your new living room.

    It will feel sooooo good!

    Place is looking beautiful despite the mud!!


  5. I know what you are going through. Early on, before the diagnosis, when I didn't understand, women would tell me that I should easily handle one new baby and a house.

    I recognized the exhaustion as illness, myself, but thought I was losing my mind.

    So there is one good thing: YOU know what is wrong. THEY are just ignorant. Get revenge: pray for them!