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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pearls and Dreams

Pearls and Dreams

Dear Lady,

I know that you were anxious and upset at having to spend your time this afternoon in a breast surgeon's office. I realize that just the fact that you'd been referred to this particular doctor was an anxiety producing experience for you. However, that did not give you the right to make the experience worse for the rest of us, that were in the same position as you.
The fact that it was 4:10 and your appointment was for 4:15 and you had not been taken back yet, should not have been surprising to you. If it is, then it is obvious that you have not spent too much time in doctor's offices. To stand there and demand that your appointment was for 4:15 and that that is when you better see the doctor. There are other women who are also waiting their turn to see the doctor. My appointment was for 4, you might as well sit down and wait ... I will be seen before you.
When you got up for the third time to yell at the receptionist (who ever taught you it was appropriate to YELL at a doctor's office staff?) and tell them that they had no right to make you wait like this, that this was one of the most anxiety producing experiences in your life and how dare they put you through this (at 4:18 mind you) I wanted to get up and say something. I wish, I had the nerve to have done so.
First of all ...not ONE woman in that office was there as 'just a patient'. Every single woman that walks through those doors is there because they've had a problem with their breasts. No one, is there because things are OK. No one is there as a standard patient like they are in a primary care office. No one, is there and comfortable. Every woman coming into that office is on edge because they could be walking out with news they don't want to hear. Or already has news they didn't want to hear.
You are obviously in your 50's. You are obviously, an inexperienced patient ... you obviously will never know what it means to NEVER in your life hear "your mammogram is normal" because your first mammogram was abnormal and got you sent to that breast surgeon to start with. You obviously have had, otherwise good health.
I know that there is great panic in this issue, I've watched our church secretary deal with it for the last 3 or 4 months. With great grace and dignity, might I add! I realize that you don't know if you really have breast cancer, and you are scared. I know that. I know that you feel your life is out of control ... but that doesn't give you the right to attack the doctor's office staff ... nor yell and make the rest of us who's appointments were scheduled before you uncomfortable. You really didn't have the right to increase our anxiety because of your own anxiety.
You know, as I sat there realizing that you obviously were an inexperienced patient I wondered what it must be like to be in the mid 50's and not know how a doctor's office operates. I wondered what would it be like to go more than 5 decades of a life before a real health issue effected my life. I can't even imagine. Catestrophic illness effected me before I hit the quarter century mark. I've never known a day of parenting without chronic illness.
While, I'm not discounting the fear you're going through ... I am saying your fear is not unknown to those around you. Maybe, just maybe, you might want to look at what you have had up till now ... if you truly ARE sick ... you're going to need every ounce of courage you can get to fight the disease ... and trust me, screaming at the doctor's staff ... and making everyone around you miserable, will not help anyone, but especially ... not you.

Another Patient.

As far as my appointment went ... she wants a repeat of mammogram and seeing her in 6 months. Calcifications are the microcalcifications ... and they've grown slightly ... she still can't tell me if the pain is the calcification related or lupus related, but the tissue where the pain is isn't 'normal' but there is no tumor or cyst where the pain is. So, continue as is ...and follow up in 6 months. :P

She said I didn't look healthy. To get some rest. hmmm Lovely.


  1. Thank you for letting the patient know how that type of behavior makes other patient and staff feel.
    I have chronic illnesses and have worked in an office for 18 years. This behavor is repulsive!
    I sorry you had to see someone being a jerk!
    I hoping the next 6 months will bring improvement for you. (((PK)))

  2. ((((((Peggikaye)))))) I am happy to hear that even tho they are keeping an eye on things its not anything to freak over at this time. Its a good thing that you are being watched over. And do please get some rest. Also you did just express some anger and I am proud of you!!!!:)

  3. Wanda ... well, I let her know if she reads this blog LOL

    Raine ... yea, I did!

    I am trying to get some rest sigh.

  4. I'm sorry your waiting time was extra stressful.
    Perhaps tonight you will rest well...

  5. I hope you get some sleep tonight. I'm also happy that for right now nothing serious is going on with your breast. Hopefully it stay that way.

    Sleep well pk!

  6. Enigma, thank you.

    Cathy ... I hope I sleep tonight too. You know, last nights insomnia was WITH ambien on board?

    My kids annoyed me by arguing against watching Hawaii 5-0, I missed the first 30 minutes, then when there was nothing left on middle of the nite tv, they gave in to 5-0 ...and sat there GLUED to 5-0. grrrr
    Tonight, they'll either be in bed ...or I will, or they'll watch it!

  7. Pt's like that really drive me bonkers.. when i worked at the big city hospital i reallllllyyyy wanted to slap more then a few pts... duh your in a doc office/hospital.. your not the only one have some consideration please...

    glad to hear that it was ok this time.. well not ok but not bad....

    good luck on the next six months!!!

  8. when will people learn you get things faster in life by being nicer about it.


  9. Pk, very well written. I'd like to see that posted in each and every specialist's office - right next to the desk where it's visible to all.

    I've done my share of sitting around in breast surgeon's waiting rooms, and the atmosphere is always a bit on the tense side. When you have someone tweaking out ... it makes it so much worse.

    {{{ comfort! }}}