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Saturday, July 22, 2006

How, not why ....

Pearls and Dreams

The trend in blogging this week seems to be "why" postings ... started by Dr. A, then followed by neonursechic ... and a few others followed suit,I've decided to change the pattern a bit ...and say how instead of why.

How do I leave myself open enough for loving someone, and yet, not vunerable enough to be wounded at the same time?

How to I trust someone who's wounded me ... and try to reconcile the relationship?

How do I trust my body from day to day to do what I need it to do?

How do I see myself as others evidently see me?

How do I begin to open up my heart on a personal basis?

How do I trust that the feelings that are painful aren't really going to overwhelm me?

How do I begin to tear down the wall without putting up another one in it's place?


  1. Some feeble attempts at answers:
    -- every time we allow ourselves to be open enough to love someone, we expose ourselves to the possibility of hurt. I think that's why love is so sweet, because of the risk involved.
    -- when trust has been broken, the first question shouldn't be "when do I trust again?" but rather, "is this relationship worth saving?" If the answer is yes, I believe the trust issue will sort itself out.
    -- Your body will respond to what you put into it. Don't give up on your P.T., and you'll have the confidence you need in what your body can do.
    -- "Seeing myself as others see me"...this is a tough one, as everyone sees you differently. Be the best YOU you can be, and the image you project will be closer to the one you see...just keep in mind that not everyone has very good vision.
    -- Opening our hearts and hoping that we won't be overwhelmed with the results is like that gamble mentioned earlier...but sometimes, we just have to release our grip on life and go along for the ride. Scary? You bet! Rewarding -- possibly. But the payoff can be huge, and you'll never regret trying.
    -- And as for that wall, I'll paraphrase Reagan speaking to Gorbachev: "Ms. Dreaming, TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!"
    Sorry about the length and soapboxing...I hope that this helps a little.

  2. i blog because i cant say it for real, i clam up and panic, some of those lists you said just for me im sure ;)


  3. Hey Peggikaye...

    This is where the "...trust in the Lord with all thy might." comes in for me.

    I don't know "the how's, why's, or therefore's" either.

    It seems when I hit a road block it is because I want to still hang on to *it*. Whatever "it" may be.

    Letting go is hard for me.


  4. (((PK)))
    You know I don't have all the answers. But I have seen God work in you and heal you. Your faith just blows me out of the water at times. Trusting after betrayal is the most difficult thing I have ever tried to do. Haven't got it down yet, but I know the risk were well worth some of the friendship I've gained. Where would Trouble be without trouble? I glad I took the risk with you, RS and others. You are doing great! I'm so proud of you!

  5. Artemis ...thank you for those answers. I've saved them, besides on this blog.

    Amelia, I say a lot on this blog that I never ever would say out loud. Wanda could attest to that.

    TJ ... you stepped on my toesies!!! Thanks!

    Wanda ... Trouble would be in more trouble without trouble LOL or less ...depending on the situation ...