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Monday, July 10, 2006


Pearls and Dreams

Kylie girl really DOES look good for a girl who had brain surgery just 12 days ago. She has severely crossed eyes, which makes her kind of lethargic. When they put the glasses on her that help to straighten her eyes ... she definitely cheers up. However, she hates to wear the glasses and only lasts a few minutes.

Teresa is doing remarkably well. She admitted to being tired, worn down. Her soon to be ex husband's family is wearing her out emotionally. They've been a HUGE help with Kylie. Emmense. His grandmother ...one of the most interferring controlling women I've ever met ... has been there and caused so much stress for Teresa it's not funny ... and yet ... she'll spend the night and get up at every slight noise every time the nurses come in ... so Teresa can get a good nights sleep. They make sure that Kylie lacks nothing, and Teresa has what she needs.
Physically, they are making sure that everything possible is done for them. Emotionally, they're tearing her apart.

The trip was a good trip. Ronda and I have not had much time together for about a year and a half. Since her mom got really sick. Her mom died last May (2005).
Then she started teaching for the first time, in August. So, as a first year teacher, it was a rough year.
Her Dad met someone a few months ago, and got married in June. I met her step mom today. She and her Dad are an absolutely DELIGHTFUL couple!!!

I start my work outs again tomorrow. I missed a lot last week from not feeling well. Today from going to see T.

I am tired, but oh so glad I finally got to see my baby girl, both of them ;)

Thunderstorms are rolling through so I should shut down the puter.


  1. I'am so happy that kylie is doing well. pk, has there been anymore talk about or from St. Judes? I was curious as to how that all worked out or if it was still being considered. I don't know what all it means now that she has had surgery. Does she need chemo or ?

    The x-family being around is usually some kind of a double edged sword. But, atleast they are doing what is right for the little girl. You can put up with alot if it benefits your kids. On the bright side Teresa has you as her friend so that is certainly a plus. Just don't forget to take care of yourself and not get run down. Schedule your mammogram!!!

  2. We haven't heard back from St Jude's yet.
    She was told today by, I think the physical therapist, that the answer will likely be no.
    The last several families who've asked have been turned down by Saint Judes.

    St. Judes reasons ... The doctor's at Ou Children's are former St. Jude's doctor's, using St. Jude's protocol.

    They have all the resources that St. Judes has, and they can get the grants to pay for the treatment St. Judes gets. (so still doesn't cost for the parents).
    Therefore, it takes the child away from the emotional support system into a strange community and removing the parents from THEIR support system ...
    It also means that a child who has access to equal care in their home town, state ... goes to st. Jude and takes a bed and care while a child who doesn't have equal care goes without the St. Jude protocol ...

    That answer, made all the sense in the world!!!

    She is considering the possiblitiy of bringing her back to Tulsa for treatment. We are going to find out more about the Children's hospital here and it's treatment ability...it would be easier on pregnant mamma ... and not quite so accessable to ex & family... and those of us who are Teresa's friends will have access to support her with more than prayers.

    It's only 90 minutes, so Kyle and family would still be able to see her, but it wouldn't be to the overwhelming degree that it is now.

    Thanks for the reminder on the scheduling ... I can't believe I really forgot that!!!! I was only half joking about that!

  3. PK, I know they were so glad you were there to support them. Coming to Tulsa would be great. I continue to pray for them.

  4. wow that answer made sense to me as well..

    i hope she can come to you guys and be closer so that she can get the real emotional support she needs instead of the stress she's getting now!!!

    It is so very good she has friends like you there to support her and the little one!!!

    Hugs and continous prayers for little one and pregnant mommie
    and you

  5. Glad to hear things are going better!