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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pearls and Dreams

Pearls and Dreams
Our farris wheel ...

Someone's tree

I was watching the news today as kids were turned away from both the water park and Bells Amusement park. A 10 year old child was interviewed as she was turned away from the water park. "I don't think it's fair because it's a hot sunny day and what else are we supposed to do? It is after all, OUR summer!"

Excuse me child? Do you really think the water park has closed just to make your life a little more miserable than it already has been? Has it closed just to put a crinkle in your plans? The venom in her voice and the look she shot the manager standing in the shot a bit away was chilling to say the least. They showed her and her 16 year old sister getting into a convertible sports car and driving away.

The manager spoke to the reporter saying "we're getting things up and running as fast as we can. We loose money every hour we're closed. We are a business after all." The manager looked so embarrassed.

If I'd been the mother of the two girls who'd been turned away ... I'd been mortified. Is this the generation we're raising as a society? One that can't even see that when damage is done to property ... it takes time to clean up and it effects people in a negative way?

Thankfully, my children saw the news story and were also mortified by the girls behavior. My 14 year old looked at me and said "maybe it's better to not have money if that's the kind of person who has money"
(and this is my learning disabled child ... yes, his only real learning disability is truely in academics! He is not lacking in wisdom)

My 16 year old, said that if he had to trade his compassion for money, he simply couldn't sell it. A day at the water park wouldn't be worth it. Not even every day.

I love my kids. Even when they drive me nuts.

Which ..they currently are. It's a good thing I'm writing about how proud I am of them right now ...cause other wise I'd be going ballistic ...their fighting over what angle the fan should be facing! :) But hey ... they love each other ... they love my friends .... and they will talk to me respectfully and would NEVER talk disrespectfully to a manager of an establishment! They drive me nuts ..but they ARE good kids!


  1. So many kids are spoiled rotten. I did mine to some degree. The only thing I don't like about Broken Arrow is that some of the parents and kids are kind of "snobby."

    PS I like your kids. They think I am family. (((hugs)))

  2. It makes me crazy... and it's not just the kids. I've got 20-something and 30-something year old folks working for me and they have that same sense of entitlement. It really rubs me the wrong way!

  3. That "sense of entitlement" Liz mentioned is a real serious weakness in our younger generations. It's an attitude that will bite them in the derrière when they least expect it.

    I'm sure you've got good kids, Pk ... because you're a good person.