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Saturday, June 17, 2006


Pearls and Dreams

After a flood of emails back and forth ... it seems the summer mission project for our church is underway. It's been almost 3 long years in the making! You can feel the excitment in the air. I am not sure who's more excited ... us ..or the church.

During the children's sermon, our children's pastor will introduce the mission project, which will be our habitat house. She will start out by asking my sons what we've had to do to get to the point of getting to where we are now. Where we are going, and what school the boys will go to.

Then, she will bring out a piece of sheetrock. She will talk about God being the foundation of a home, and prayers being the true foundation of our home having gotten this far even though the house will be built of wood and sheetrock. Then, she will tell the church, and the kiddo's that the way Southpark can participate in the building of our house is ... that Southpark needs to donate $1000 to Habitat, and then they can help to build the house.

So, for a donation from each family, they can sign the sheetrock. Then, the sheetrock will go into our storage shed (so it won't get painted over, and we can see the signatures for years to come). There will probably be a couple of other fund raisers too ...

Then ... in a couple of months, when Habitat raises the walls ... the people of my church, will be able to be beside me ... raising the walls, hammering the nails, painting the walls .. and putting the roof on. Not only will they have prayed me through the process ..but they will have put their hands onto it to. This will truly be a house of love and prayer. A house that love built.

Happy Father's Day Don! :)


  1. It will be great Peggikaye!!

    I'm so glad for you.


  2. Oh PK, I'm so happy for you and your family. Just think, it won't be long before you will be living in that house of love..:)

  3. Way to go pk:) Good luck on your trip this week stay safe!!!

  4. how cool is that a church that rallies around like a community, sounds liek the early churches of the bibel before selfish intent and desire stepped in and the desire to give to others stepped out. I think thats aweseome.

  5. how very very cool. I'm so happy for you. Is there an earlier post somewhere here that describes how you got it?

  6. That's wonderful, Pk!!! :o)

    Keep us up on it as it happens!

  7. Hey Peggikaye...

    Just wondering what you have been up to.

    Haven't heard from you in a little while.

    Hope you are well.


  8. Your boys did great talking about the house. You and Don must be so proud of them! We do have a great church family. Should I sign the board Trouble? Hurry home. Missing you.

  9. Yes, sign the board Trouble! :) I am home ... I just posted as you were posting!