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Friday, June 09, 2006

Tuesday's Storm Redux

I went to small group tonight. One of the men in our small group said that Tuesday morning, he left for work, a little late ...his hair slightly damp ...and the house not having any electricity. It left him annoyed and cranky.

Had that been it for the rest of the day ...he'd have had a pretty bad day.

But ... God had other plans.

My friend you see, lives closer to the fair grounds than we do. He walked out his front door to get into his car and found a tree laying on his car.

As he took in the scene ...his day that had just a moment ago been a bad day ...one that would rival any Monday for crankiness ...became a totally different day.

His day became one of being incredibly grateful to the God he serves. It became a GREAT day!

As he surveyed the damage done to the fully insured car, he looked at the vehicle they only have covered with minimum coverage insurance. It did not even have a scratch from a branch from a tree on it.
There was a POD (portable storage unit) in front of their house ... and that POD kept a tree from going INTO their house ... where he, his wife and 18 month old daughter most likely would have been injured.

He said, it was a bit funny standing there looking at the maple tree in his driveway thinking "But we don't HAVE A MAPLE TREE!!!" It came from elsewhere ... not even on their property.

He was so grateful that while they did have SOME damage, they'd been spared REAL damage. While he started out the day thinking his day was spoiled by some damp hair, he realized ... his day was one to rejoice in because it'd been smashed by a tree!

It's funny how God can turn our perspective around rather quickly when we let him.


  1. how wonderful and amazing that it worked out that way.... There was an angel on his shoulder for sure

  2. Now that I can finally comment again, I am WAY behind. :P

    Is a down draft related to a tornado? We haven't lived in tornado alley in 30 years, so I don't remember clearly but seem to recall that it is.

  3. ok ...my college meterology class was 16 years ago ...so my details may be sketchy.

    First, Downdrafts HERE in tornado alley are NOT common. In the 20 plus years I've been here, this is the first I can recall. The meterologists have had fun trying to convince people this was NOT a tornado, the pattern of the damage was not in a tornado's pattern.

    BUT ...they are related to hurricanes and tornado's ...but instead of going in a circular motion around they drop down really fast and straight and rise up rise up just as fast ...

    To put it in terms of an amusment park ...

    Himylan would be the tornado.
    Scrambler would be the hurrican (with tornado's in the hurricane)
    And the downdraft would be a very fast (hurricane strength) Ferris Wheel.
    Winds dropping down at 85 mph and rising up just as fast ... whoop whoosh ...and you've got quite a bit of damage.