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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Church News

Pearls and Dreams

Tonight was my first time teaching the junior high youth group. First, I had to introduce myself to the whole youth group. We had to say our age ... and one of our most embarrasing moments in high school.

Most of the counselor's were 31 ... I started to say I was 31 ... and my kids yelled so loud I admitted to being 41. *grin*

The lesson I taught was about reading the Bible ..and I was teaching and it got quiet ... and I started to get worried ...the kids weren't moving. They weren't moving ...no one was making a sound ...and then suddenly I realized ... these are junior high kids ..who aren't MOVING ..and they have their eyes GLUED on mine ... and they are connecting ...and they aren't zoning out ..they are LISTENING. Oh my gosh! They've engaged! WOW!
Then I got scared LOL
I was fine till I realized I had their attention.
It was about time to end at that point ...and a I'd about shared all I was going to anyway, and one of the other counselor's had something he wanted to add to what I'd said ... so it was all ok ...so my nervous ending was hidden by them.

The father's day breakfast is ready to go. "Tool Time" is our theme. Father's handing down the tools of life to their children. Tuesday our children's pastor and I put together boxes of paper, paperclips, toothpicks, pipe cleaner, scissors and a few other odds and ends ...on the table will be duct tape ...and there will be a contest for them to build something out with the STUFF. Michelle said she thinks it will be the best Father's day breakfast we've had. We're decorating on Friday morning. I am really looking forward to watching the father's and their kiddo's work together to build their projects Sunday Morning. The kids have decorated made tool aprons for Father's day presents in kids ministry.

Childrens's Sermon during church Sunday will introduce the church mission project of the Habitat House for our house. The church, in order to build, must donate $1000 to Habitat. So, the church must raise that money. So, they're going to have a pc of sheet rock where people can donate to sign the sheet rock, then the sheet rock will go into our storage shed where we can see the signatures forever. Michelle is going to interview the boys about what we did as a family get the Habitat house and what it will mean to the family to get the house.

Four o'clock on Sunday ... I take off with Samuel ..for MACU (Mid America Christian University) for our church camp for the week. I will be the femalec counselor as well as doing the writer's workshop's for both junior high and the high school. I don't know if I will be the junior high or the high school counselor.


  1. Sounds really, really nice Peggikaye.

    All of it.


  2. You will love it. Have a blast. You are a natural.

  3. I love the building things out of the "stuff" idea for Father's Day. Very cool.

    I am so impressed by your involvement in your church, and your kids' lives, and all that you do. You are an inspiration to me.


  4. Thank you TJ

    Jumping ...thank you!

    Neuro .. I love being involved in my church ... this week, I wish I had paid a little closer attention to the calender when I agreed to do everything ... never realized it was all going to crash into one week! YIKES! My brain pictured a summer's worth of volunteering ...


    Wanda ... your idea of a natural is ...um ... lol

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  6. I was begining to think that it wasn't going to let me comment.... Looks like you are one busy lady, I love how involved you are with everything... Good luck sounds like you did a great job with the teaching... You seriously don't give yourself enough credit!!!

  7. Have a terrific trip -- it sounds as though you'll do well whether with HS or JrHi. One connection is all it takes to make a huge difference...but I think you're well beyond just one at this point.