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Thursday, June 29, 2006

squeal, eek, scream!

Pearls and Dreams

Got home a little while ago, we picked most of our colors. The siding and flooring will be picked closer to the build time (August ...do you realize that's just a few weeks away???)

We picked the counter tops ...
it's named Labrador Granite. It looks like marble in real life. Very pretty. There is a brown running through it, that is the same color as the carpet we picked ... I couldn't find the carpet on line ... it's called Adobe (product # 88711 ...if I can ever figure out what company they use to find who's product number it is!)
Pine cabinets (or stained pine color anyway, so very light to contrast the dark)

We get the windows that tilt to clean. For the life of me, I can't think of the name of the company.
Central heat and air (YEA!!)
An Attic (didn't know that!!!)

When we pick the siding, we will pick blue with white trim. We go to lowes or home depot to pick the flooring ourselves ... and pick anything that's 98cents a tile or less. ACK! I can't wait!!!

We have a copy of our floor plans, if I can get to a scanner, I will try to get them posted.

Here is a website from a church that frequently sponsors houses. We believe they are one of the sponsors of our house. The page shows a slide show of them putting up another house on the other side of town. The workers in the red hats, will be working on my house, and the guy with the shoulder length gray hair will be too. All of the guys standing by the truck will be as well, and the 2 guys on the roof.

The coolest thing, Habitat names each house. The board chooses the names. The families have absolutely nothing to do with the name chosen. We were told the name of our house today.

The Apostle's House.

How Awesome is that? How AWESOME IS GOD?!


  1. Pk ... I'm so happy for you! This is really becoming very exciting as the time draws near.

    Keep us up on it all, okay?


  2. Moof, I can't even begin to explain how excited I am! *grin*

  3. you are right God is assume. I love the counter and would "kill" for tilt window. I am so glad you are getting them.

    No one deserve this more than your family ((PK))

  4. that's so cool! and the name couldn't fit any more perfectly!

  5. I didn't know Habitat names each house. I do like the name.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the blogroll. Thought I would do the same. I really like all the pics in your sidebar -- Very nice!

  6. Wow Peggikaye!

    This is really, really great.

    So far, I like you color scheme.

    And the name "Adobe" sounds like it will be a great color too.

    Warm up your camera and post lots of pictures!


  7. I'm getting excited for you and your family pk. What a neat name they have given your house. I can't wait until the construction starts and you can share all those pics with us.

  8. I really love that! i am excited for you! I love Habitat for Humanity...your story is beautiful.