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"And will you succeed? Yes indeed! Yes indeed! Ninety Eight and Three Quarters guarenteed!"

Monday, June 05, 2006

Less of me ...

Well ... with a few snips of the scissors ... there is approximately 8 inches missing ...of my hair! It's still below my shoulders, lightly layered. Hopefully it looks healthier. It does look darker. I'm sure, like last time, everyone asked me if I dyed it. Nope, just cut off the sun bleached/reddened part.

Today, I also got discharged from regular PT and got put in the aftercare program of the physical therapy gym. I can use ALL the equipment ..for my full body. YAHOO. Full workout. My PT was quick to say "under supervision" :P

So walking or swimming with Wanda, and weight training in PT ... and it will be a summer of getting fit!

My renal ultrasound apparently came back ok, so my blood pressure going up must just be me running out of luck on my low blood pressure. So, we'll see ...


  1. Sounds like great news getting to use the gym. I remember how much you said you were looking forward to it. Maybe soon, we'll be seeing a picture of your big muscles:)

  2. LOL Dream Mom ... a significant amount of fat would have to disappear before muscles would be seen ...but maybe eventually LOL

  3. Good for you, though I can see why the thearpest said with supervison... you sound postivly gleeful LOL... hope you like the new hair doo.

  4. Only 15 more days and it will be a habit.

  5. This will be great fun for you.

    I'm glad!