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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Last month, I posted a post called "Good Gravy Beans" in that post, I listed my doctors' diagnosis' and medications. As of 10:30 this morning, that list has changed ... switch Bextra (gee thanks FDA) for Mobic ... and Prevacid for Nexium ... because the Prevacid appears to be failing. She was supposed to think the choking was pure MG, probably would have too ... except ... I burped during the appointment and she asked me how my GERD was doing. I told her it wasn't any of her business, she said "That good huh?" She did say she understood I'd been through a lot this year, and have more to go, so before she sends me for the EDG, we can try Nexium, but I need to wrap my brain around needing an EDG. (when she looks through my chart and realizes she's never ordered one in the 4 years she's seen me, she's going to insist on it ...my history of bulimia alone has left enough damage, I'm supposed to have it done every 3 years, it's been 5 or 6). The other doctor ... has me a bit more concerned. I have to go see a breast surgeon based on the breast pain & abnormal mammogram. :( . UGH UGH UGH ... here we go round the mulberry bush! again.


  1. Hang in there lady. I had breast cancer in 2002. I am cancer free to date. Catch it early, that is the key.
    I will be waiting to read the results.

  2. Well, chances are ... it's not anything ... BUT ... they're not willing to let it go on the off chance. My reaction was 'great, another doctor!' and she said "yea, but you have to"

    She did feel it was better for me to wait a month to see the specialist who has experience with Myasthenics than to go to one who doesn't and go right away. So, that made me feel better. Better than the cardiology scare where I was in the office the next day!!!

    I was thinking about you today. Thanks for checking in on my blog!

  3. hey, just wanted to check in on you and also say thanks for your words of encouragement.... thanks for the support!

    i am so sorry to hear you'll have to be off to yet another specialist. i hope your body will be as cooperative as possible!

    my hospital stay was insane.. but i am finally out, at least. i'll have to write an entry about it very soon. like, today, maybe. if i can gather the stamina. *rolls eyes* UGH

    hugs to you-

  4. ((((((PK)))))))
    You've had another rough one dear! Good luck with your endo, they really aren't bad, if you've never had one don't be scared, you'll fall asleep and won't remember anything past them telling you to swallow!
    As far as the breast surgeon, dear, I'm praying for you. As you know I've had most of my breasts removed with lumpectomies, luckily they were only precancerous cells. Please let us know how everything goes dear, and try not to let this stress you out too much!

    love, ((((((hugs)))))) and prayers

  5. Melissa, I've had several EDG's and they won't let me go to lalalalla land because of the MG. grrrr so I'm pretty much aware of that huge camera down my throat ugh. (and my doctor wonders why I stall on this one?)

    I guess I didn't realize you'd had the lumpectomies, but I had to laugh when I read it. One more thing we've had in common, only ...I had most of my breasts removed in a reduction! (grin)(seriously ... remind me and I'll email you before and after pics)
    so, mine was far more by choice.

    I am sooooo hoping she says this is scar tissue or something like that from the reduction. Not that it makes the pain any easier to live with ... but far less worrisome.

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