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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Grand Rounds

Pearls and Dreams

Today is the 30th Edition of Grand Rounds.
It is perched this week ...er hosted this week by Girl Scientist
They have graciously, once again, allowed me to participate.

Also, please do not leave my blog today without checking out the Memorial below (I Remember You) to my dear friend Trudy, who died 10 years ago today in the Oklahoma City Bombing.

It would mean a lot to me, if you would leave your own thoughts of memorial on the bombing in the comments.

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  1. Dear PK,
    My name is Kristina Weiche, I am 17 years old .. and I would like to tell you about what happened to Trudy Rigney after that last phone call.
    I was only a child, but I remember her so well.
    My mother, Elaine Burroughs, took Trudy in as a friend in Tulsa when Trudy was going through some hard times with John Micheal. They started going to TJC together, and eventually transfered on to OU.
    I remember having Trudy as my neighbor, and my best friend.. was John Micheal. I looked up to her and I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. She was beautiful, radiant like the sun.
    She had come from nothing, made into something.
    I spent so many nights with her and her son. I loved them both so dearly.
    She was my godmother.
    I was only about 4-6 when she was in my life.. but there is no way I could ever forget that face.. that beauty.
    One thing Trudy had always told my mom she wanted to do was to go to the Grand Canyon.
    And.. only a couple months before the tragic morning.. my mother and Trudy went to the Grand Canyon and she saw what she had been dying to see her whole life. She told my mom that going to see the Grand Canyon was something she wanted to do before she died.
    They even went up to California, and Trudy and my mother went on The Price is Rright.. one of Trudy's favorite shows.
    She had the time of her life, before it so tragically ended.
    She was loved.. and cared for.

    On the day of April 19, my mother drove Trudy to work, the water municipal building directly across the street from the other building.
    My mother dropped her off and began driving away.. but only moments later did she feel what she thought was an earthquake. She looked behind her to only see a cloud of smoke. She drove back to the site and there my mother was.. helping those who could not be helped.. whose lives were destroyed by this event.
    The day that it happened, I can remember so clearly. I remember being in Day Care and Kindergarten.. not knowing a thing.. until my mother came to pick me up from Day Care in tears..
    The worst words I have ever heard in my life.
    "Kris.. I have to tell you something. Something very bad happened today, and Trudy is dead."
    I was in shock.. not knowing why, or how.. I was so young. I was devastated.
    Every year we tried making it to the memorial. I've always put a penny on the chair representing the life of my beloved godmother.
    A Penny that has the year on the penny.. signifying when I was there.

    She was a wonderful woman. I only saw John Micheal once after that, he went to move back to Broken Arrow with his grandmother.. and other then that.. I've never heard from him since.

    I miss them both so terribly, and I just wish I knew where John Micheal was just to talk to him for one day.. just to hug him.