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Thursday, April 28, 2005

My Life

Pearls and Dreams

My Life

by Peggikaye Eagler

Running with my friends each year,
Summer sun browning our skin,
Climbing trees, rocks and hills,
Picnics with family brings a grin.

Softball games in a county league,
Purple shorts and white socks.
Rolling down dandelion covered hills,
Fishing for Blue Gill from the docks.

Volleyball games with my team.
Running laps for hitting the net.
Slumber parties with forever giggles,
Pillow fights, feathers flying yet.

Aerobics classes for hours on end.
Sweat pouring while muscles are gaining.
Working double shifts at work,
Barbecues with friends even while raining.

Marriage comes with plans for the future.
Our baby girl comes too soon.
Another baby brings joy and healing,
Teaching us to sing God’s tune.

His brother comes before too long,
Concerns for him fill our hearts,
He grows and changes every day,
Accomplishments fill his star charts!

Health problems for each of us,
Taking our focus to areas unknown.
Never taking for granted our life.
Raising our treasures until they are grown.

Life has thrown us many a curve,
Sometimes we thought we would fall,
But God’s Hand held us safe,
Even in the hard times, we’ve heard His call.

My family life is not what was expected,
Some things harder, some things not,
One thing I know for sure,
This reward I’d never find.
No matter how long I sought!

© Peggikaye Eagler

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  1. ((((((PK)))))))))
    As always, your poetry inspires..

    love you girl!