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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

5Q4 for DaisyMarie & Barry

Pearls and Dreams

Ok, sorry it took so long for me, between blogger & my stress test .... anyway ...here they are

DaisyMarie first :
1. Start with an easy one: Why did you choose your blog name?

2. In your profile, you say that you like the book Celebration of Discipline. What about that book caught your attention?

3. What fruits of the spirit do you think are the easiest & hardest for you to display in your life?

4. In your answers to Biscotti Brain, you said you feel like a denominational mutt, do you see this as a bad thing or a good thing and why? How will this both help & hurt you in your future?

5. Where do you see God taking you in the future?

Now for Barry

1. Same first question : Why is your blog named what it is?

2. What has been the hardest & most rewarding thing of being a parent?

3. If your life was a sporting team, what kind of team would it be, and what position (player) would be missing to make it the most balanced, highest quality team possible?

4. If your life was the team stated above, and you had to sell that team to a buyer, what qualities would you say it had to make it worth the buy?

5. If there was on turning point in your life that you could say changed the direction of your life, what would that be, and why?

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  1. My answers are up!