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Monday, April 11, 2005

Pk's first day of activity aka rest journaling

Pearls and Dreams

Ok ...just for the heck of it, I'm posting my first day of journaling on my day ...

6:30 get up
6:45 get Benjamin up (Samuel is staying home sick today.)
7:30, Benjamin off to bus, eat banana.
7:35 Shower
8:30 Stop by church to pick up shoes left at church yesterday. (gift to Samuel)
8:45 At Panera Bread to meet with D. Youth Pastor's wife (9 am appt) , for coffee, actually, we're meeting at Starbucks, 2 doors down. Church staff is meeting at Panera Bread, but D isn't there yet, so I'm standing there visiting with Pastor, associate pastor and secretary.
9:10 Youth pastor shows up for his 9 am meeting & D shows up for our 9 am meeting (grin) she and I go to Starbucks where I have my first cup of starbucks coffee .. no idea what ...coffee mocha something or other with whip cream & chocolate on top, and a raspberry & lemon low fat muffin.
11:45 D & I walk back to Panera Bread to see how much longer staff is going to be, they're just breaking up. I walk with children's pastor to her car to see the backpacks for Mother Daughter sleepover craft, tooo cool. We spend 10 minutes talking about what I need to do for sleep over prep.
12:08 home, on the computer
12:55 Samuel to doctor
2:00 Grocery store
2:35 Computer/ eating a yogurt
3:30 Get roast ready, and put in oven
4:10 Eating an egg salad sandwhich while on the puter.
5:00 lay down on couch & watch TV
5:20 Call from J, member of Myasthenia email list. (COOL! Haven't ever talked to anyone from that list!)
5:45 couch
6:00 serve dinner
6:15 eat dinner : pork roast, carrots, onion, biscuit
6:40 computer
7:30 go to walgreen's pick up prescription
8:00 Dose out meds for Bj & I for a week.
8:05 Call friend from Small group, to check on him.
8:30 Computer
8:45 Take night meds & eat salad with raspberry dressing
9:00 Call friend who text messaged about friend from small group to make sure he was ok.
9:33 Blogging about day.

Now, how is that too busy? That looks like a lot of down time to me!

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