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Friday, April 08, 2005


Pearls and Dreams

Incredible. I got there, we got in and our front row tickets and not only were they front row, they were front row DEAD CENTER.

I did not get to meet them. Won't go into details on the web on that.

The concert was incredible. The auditorium it was in was small, only seats 500 and the front row was so close to the stage that when I cross my legs, my toes would touch the stage wall!

Phillips Craig and Dean came out on stage and immediately made eye contact with me and my husband. They started to sing one of my favorite worship songs and off we went.

My husband and I went knowing that PC&D are all pastors & worship leaders who put on worship concerts. About 490 of the people who went were prepared for a concert. 10 of us were prepared for a worship service. PC&D spent a lot of time making eye contact with the few of us that were there for a church service!

I will never ever forget this night. They sang most of my favorite songs of theirs, all but 2.

Dreams do come true.


  1. I'm so glad this blessing happened in your life. It just makes my heart smile and abundant thank yous get lifted to the Father!

  2. PK- I'm so happy for you! What a wonderful event!