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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Pearls and Dreams

Well, I got plenty of rest in the last few days, still tired. I guess I really needed it.

I got my knee surgery scheduled for June 2. YIKES. I have to go off prednisone & anti inflammatories for a full 2 weeks before the surgery. YIKES. I was supposed to go off before the meeting with the breast surgeon too, however, I called the surgeon's office to see if Mobic was included because it's not on their list, and they said that I could stay on the medications, come in for the evaluation and if they need a biopsy, they'll schedule it for when I'm already off the medications rather than pro longing the period of time I'm off them. WHEW!!

I was looking at a whole month without my anti inflammatories!!

Tonight, I go to the second class to aid the Habitat financial class.
When I get done tonight, I should have a minimum of 285 hours out of the 450 needed to build. Some from my class have already broken ground and started building. Most are over 400 hours.
I keep having to remind myself ... I knew it'd take me longer, I knew it'd take me longer, slow and steady ... it's better to get it slowly than to not get it, or to go whole hog and wind up in the hospital and then get disqualified because I couldn't meet the minimum requirements (they give no allowances for physical disabilities ... there is a program however to help those with mental illnesses, I need to look that up and post it on here for those who might be interested.I just find it odd that they'll make allowances, grace periods, and accomodations for mental disabilities, but not a single one for physical disabilities)

Anyway ...off to class ...


  1. PK- you're gonna get there, dear, you'll make it! And Southpark will be there to help you dear!

    I'd say good luck but you make your own luck dearie! God's pointing you in the right direction, Southpark needs to help Habitat.

    love, ((((((hugs)))))) and prayers

  2. slow and steady may win the race, but it's not always the easy way. hang in there!!!

  3. It so doesn't make sense that they won't take physical disability into consideration...

    You seem to be a pretty "tough cookie" though- Hang in there!

  4. Their reasoning is ...they had a blind couple go through the year before us who didn't need any accomodations, so if a blind couple didn't need any, no one with physical disability should because that's the worse thing they could imagine.

    First, I can't imagine how a blind person could safely get through without accomodations & second, comparing the physical disability of blindness and MG& lupus or Post Polio & scoliosis is like comparing apples and oranges,
    both are fruit, but totally different.
    both are disabilities, but totally unrelated.

    One thing, it will make the house that much more precious when we do get it. Hopefully, they will see how hard it is for us, and it will pave the road to be just a bit smoother for the next disabled couple.

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