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Friday, April 08, 2005

Dreams come true

Pearls and Dreams

I am not much of a celebrity watcher, concert goer or anything like that. There are a few Christian singers that I do really really admire and would love to meet and would actually put forth the physical effort to go to one of their concerts, but never could afford the tickets. Not many, but a few.

One such group, has so touched my heart that I shot off an email to their group website last December. Turned out, they were coming to a town near me in April. They forwarded my email to the sponsoring church of the concert.

Long story short. They sent my husband and I front row tickets and said they'd arrange for us to meet 'the guys' after the concert.

I was floored (actually I was having to lean against the couch screaming like a 15 year old girl ) when I got the letter. I've anxiously awaited the day. So excited, I have barely told anyone about it, for fear of ruining this wonderful opportunity.

But ... today is the day. In 3 hours and 45 minutes, my husband and I go to a town about 45 minutes north of us and get to sit and worship with my favorite singers on the planet. The group that has touched my heart more than any other group ever. Only one other singer has come even close to touching me like Phillips, Craig and Dean and he's a solo artist named Kyle Matthews.

I'm trying to decide if I should stick some of my writings in the car or not. Not take them in with me and say "hey! read these." But, what if we really have time to talk, and my writing comes up and they would like to see it ...would it be foolish for me not to have it?
The chances of that are slim to none, but a few months ago, the chances of me ever getting front row tickets at a concert of my dreams were slim to none too.

Dreams ... dreams coming true.

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