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Saturday, November 20, 2004

This dream disturbed me ...

Pearls and Dreams
First some real life facts ... my husband and I are both on disability, I have myasthenia gravis & lupus and my husband had polio. We have 2 sons 15 and 12. We are working towards getting a house through Habitat for Humanity, with me doing most of the work. I am also trying to start a ministry with writing and have a publisher interested in looking at a devotional book that I have written.

So here's the dream:

The dream started with us on a vacation of sorts, we were in a camp site type place and packing up for the day. I sent the boys off to the showers to get cleaned up, where they proceeded to get into a fight loud enough, that I had to go break it up. I just took my own cleaning up stuff with me.
While there, I ran into a man that had been an old friend of mine, much older, African American ... very James Earl Jonesish in personality,looks and mannerisms (in real life, i have never known this man). He was getting cleaned up and seemed surprised at seeing us in so out of context of a place, almost ashamed. I introduced him to my husband after we had all had our showers and we fed him breakfast for which he seemed TOO grateful.
My husband and I talked about it on the way home .. I was telling him how this man had one time been very rich and wondering what happened because if I hadn't known better, he seemed homeless! My husband said that he didn't know better and homeless is what he was. His judgement of my friend upset me ..but then, I understood why he felt that way.
We got back home, and I was in a hurry to get to our Habitat class. If we missed it, we could be out of the program, but my husband seemed to be blocking me at every turn. First I couldn't find the folder I had to have, he had it ..he was SITTING ON IT. I finally got it, and then he started to argue about having to feed the boys and taking care of the boys himself. I kept saying I didn't have time to argue, I had to get to Sears and to get to class or we were going to lose our house. I finally just grabbed the keys and left him yelling at me... I hit something with our car on the way out of the driveway, and was so frustrated I just didn't care. I stopped at Sears as planned, and the sales girl spilled a whole thing of stinky perfume on me, so she took me and some fresh clothes (offered by Sears at no cost to me) to their showers to get cleaned up. I'm in the middle of showering, and this man comes in and he's shocked. I'm standing there, buck naked, but not embarrased for some reason.

He is suddenly in tears as he said "I should have known, I should have known when I saw your family in a public shower that you were homeless like me. I'm so sorry, forgive me for not being more understanding!"
I tried to tell him that no, we had just been camping, and this was a mistake too ... it was because I'd been doused, that I had to use this public shower, but he wasn't listening.

He insisted right there on writing me a check, that he would mail to my mom to make sure that it was 'above board and seen as honest' so that my ministry could get started off on a good foot. He said it was going to be the largest check he'd ever written.
By then, I'd covered myself with a robe, and was looking up my mother's address for him.

I went to class for Habitat, only to find out that my husband had taken the calculator out of the folder and I couldn't do the work assigned in class (it's financial class). So very frustrated and realizing I was going to have to go home and explain to him why I was in clothes he'd never seen before ... I was just ready to loose it by the time class was over.

The next day, I was at my mom's house when she got the envelope from the gentleman in the showers ... we opened it up and the check was just a slip of paper ... he'd written out the ministry name that we'd told him that we'd wanted, he'd written the amount of $55 and date, signed it, but there was no bank, no name at the top, it was like a child's homemade check. My mother and I were heartbroken for this man as we realized that he not only was homeless, but was not fully in charge of his mental capabilities anymore.

My husband was very irritated ... he was furious that this man got our hopes up only to write us a phoney check ... I woke up at that point. Irritated.


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