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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Thirteenth M&M

The Thirteenth M&M
by Peggikaye Eagler
Passing out the cup, she said "take some, but don't eat,"
Everyone, not quite trusting, took a few, but wanted the treat.
When everyone had gone around, she let us know the plan,
Each person had to count them out, each woman and each man.
"It's four days till Thanksgiving, and thanks we are to give,
However many M&M's, you give thanks for the life you live."
Around the room each person said, the things that touched their heart,
From being allowed to serve Uncle Sam, to God's giving a new start.
Each person gave thanks, some brought a laugh and some a tear,
For life, and love and friendships, that we had not realized we held so dear.
When everyone was done, and time was almost up, we realized that there was
We could have gone on for a while, even though we needed to go out the door.
Each and all had counted the M&M's to measure our thanks and our praise,
From three to twelve was the count, but we all realized the thirteenth was still to be raised!

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