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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Amien influenced blogging ... I accept all credit, but no blame!

Pearls and Dreams

So, if this is good. It's my writing skills. If it's screwballly, or just plain WEIRED ... it's the ambien talking.

I am so frustrated ... we''ver workd our butts off with Habitat for Humanity ...scratch that ... I HAVE WORKED MY butt of for our Habitat ... don has gone to a few classes lasting less than 30 min each .l.. big whoop! For the credit of us going to the workshops (he went to 5, I went to 3 ...his longest one was 50 min, my shortest one was 3 hours 15 min!)

I go to the financial planning classes every 2nd and 4th tuesdays ... I do all the homework for them... his piddly little job ... ot make sue that theh check is there IN the door by midnight on the first.

Tuesday night after the election, Don keeps talking about all the bills he''s paying the next day ... I asked him if he'd gotten the Habitat one paid ... nno .
They have a no grace .. we loose our escroww!! Today we got a check for it all back and we have start all over in December. I thad BETTER mean just the escrow account no tht sswweat equity!

We have 500 hours needed
450 to start building
we have to pay $50 per month to have a $5000 escrow to put down on the house when it starts.

We have 187.25 hours in.
Don ...
2 for orientation
3 for one night at financial class when I was too sick to go
5 of the 8 workshopss that equal 25 hours total. (like I said, the loongest ACTUALL time spent was oonnn very short meetings, then ones I went ..for like lifesaving and frist aide they took the whole freakin time!
I don't remember going to 3 of them, don doesn't remember going to more than 5, but they have us down ... so th Will class that I thought was just money manangemnt for us may have been will claass AND money managment ...

Here''s the break down ...

Habitat For Humanity needs us to do a down payment of $500 a month at the begining of the month ... period, noo exciusese, nothing matters. they even said "if you're mother's in the hospital, get your pastor to drop the check off" No mercy.

So ... ticked of at me for caring for my mother while she's in the hospital ... let Nov 1 go by... and it wasn't until AFTER the election that he remembered and went and paid.
Today, we got the checks back in ... so financially, we're right back at that 10 montss! I don't know what it does witih our hours. I am not sure if this wipes everyhing clean or not.

THis of coarse is MY faultt because if I hadn't distreacted him and abaNDON3ED my family to take care of hher at the hospital where there are people there to help her ... ARGH

Anway ... IF we don't have to start over again ... here is how it stants ...

Need 500 sweat equity,, boys can onlly do sweat equity in work shops or grades ...

Don has ... 2 hours orientaion
3 hours finanncial I was too sick to atttend
5 work shops on homeowndership ... longest one was 70 min. (the 3 I went to ... lasted 3.5 hours!)

Benjamin has : kids tyedye workshop ... 2 hours
grades 4 hours (grades are 1 hour for A 1/2 for B)

Samuel has : Kids tyedye workshop ...2 hours
grades 3.5 grades

ME on the other hand ...

2 hours orientation
3money managment
3 woodshop
3 woodshop
3 woodshop
3Money Managment ( 4 bj' grades as mentioned above)
3Money Managment
3 Money Managment 10 for Writing a will (stored at Cindy Foster's house)
3 money 3 grades .. Samuel ... 5 hours
3 money managment
1 class call sheet
3 tracking june
3 tracking july
Having a checking account 10 hours

Building Cite hosstess ... 4.5 hours
3money manangement class
budget 4 balanced August checking account 3

Building Cite hostess ... 1 hours
Restore ..... 10 to 20 4 hours
Restore ... 9:30 to 2:30 5 hours
Building cite hostes ... 7:50 to 11:35 3 hours and 45 min

Money managment 3 hours
Aug. tracking 3 hours

Sept tracking 3 hours

9:25 to 2:40 5.25 hours

Money manangment 3 hours.

Money Management 3 hours
grades ... 3.5 (samuels)

9:15 to 2:40 = 5.5 hours
9:00 to 2:00 = 5 hours

Money Managment 3 hours
October spending/tracting ... 3 hours
check book balance ... 3 hours
personal inventory ... 10 hours (total for the night ..19~)

9:115 to 2:30 5.25 hours

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