Dr. Suess

"And will you succeed? Yes indeed! Yes indeed! Ninety Eight and Three Quarters guarenteed!"

Sunday, November 14, 2004

One week and counting dum dum dum dum dedum dum dum dedum

I have but one week left in which I can claim, legitimitely to be in my 30's. After next Sunday morning ... for me to say I am 30 anything ...will be either a lie or the beginning of demintia! 40 ..wow ... just how does one get to 40? It just seems so right for others to be 40, the business people, lawyers, doctor's, professional people ...they've done something with the 39 years preceeding that number ...but for me? I haven't done anything but chase after doctor appointments and children and tried to keep an insane marriaage together. I know of 22 year olds that have accomplished more in their life than I have. Shouldn't 40 be reserved for those who have actually EARNED the number?

If one more person says "ah yes, the body starts to fall apart at 40, that's when the fun begins." I swear I'll have to scream at them ... excuse me ... Is hould be exempt form that one! My body started to fall apart at 24 thank you very much! It's just soo much fun when you can see 22 year olds who have accomplished more than you have, and see 70 year olds who can DO so much more than you currently can do ... geesh.

I don't feel well today ... my throat hurts, my left ear hurts, my chest hurts again ...bronchitis type hurting ..do I have bronchitis? do I have a lupus induced pleurisy? I guess I'll find out on Tuesday ...

STop the world ... I wanna get off ...


  1. Let's see, what does one say to a 40ish to be?

    "40, why you're just a KID!" (Usually uttered by doddering old people who, its obvious, never were ever young.)

    "Aged like a fine wine." Well, there ARE some more purple spots here and there...

    "Your best years are ahead of you." Yeah, but will I be healthy enough to enjoy them? Or at least not to hurt?

    I think the best thing to say to a person turning 40ish is...

    "Good job. Keep it up."

    Birthdays are good. If you keep having them, you'll never die.

  2. As long as MY version of 40 is that it is the beginning of my life, not the beginning of the end ... I can take that! It's the "40 was when everything started to go downhill' for me that I can't take... too far at the bottom already! I'm trying to pull myself UP don't want that 40 pulling me back down!

    40 ...geesh ... right now it just sounds sooooooo