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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Pearls and Dreams

Pearls and Dreams

WELL ... it's almost midnight. That makes me one day closer to turning 40.
Part of me is not happy ... 40 ... wow!
If one more person tells me the body starts to fall apart at 40, me thinks I'll scream!

Ok, so it didn't take one more person, just one more thought! My body started to fall apart at 25! I KNOW WHAT THIS IS ABOUT!

Bu then again ..40 ... how many times have I heard "Life begins at 40"
Moses ... left Egypt to start a new life at 40, to spend 40 years before going back to free the slaves before spending another 40 years wandering around.

Last weekend with my mom in the hospital, this very pretty little nursing student came in the evening. Bubbling over with life, and excited to start her life ... I was so envious ... to be able to start life at 20 and know what you're wanting to do. She saw my Arbonne lotion I'd taken up there for my mom and commented on needing using the hormone cream. I was shocked, what does a kid need with the hormone cream?
I asked her how old she was ... 42! That made me pay attention, she is just starting life again.

So it's making me feel old because of the pain and fatigue ..but I'm also very excited about what God is doing and where he is taking me and I feel like I'm on a new journey that will take me deeper, higher and freer than I have ever been!

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