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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

42 days ... end in sight.

It's been 42 days since Don first went into the hospital. That's 6 weeks.

He was taken by ambulance to the ER, then admitted to the med/surg floor (7 tower) from there, he was moved to the ICU, from there, he was moved back to the med/surg floor, 7 tower again. Then he was moved to 9 tower when they closed 7 Tower down for remodeling. Then, he was moved to the Long Term Acute Care facility (L Tac) where he spent longer than I can remember ... and from there, to rehab.

We have a discharge date. Friday! July 6th. Our Independence Day!

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm ready ... will I be ready. Uh ... YES!!!!!!

Yea, I know caretaking at home will bring a whole new set of issues, but he will be here ... and I will wake up in the morning and see HIM, and I can walk into another room and see him .... and we will talk, and laugh and cry and argue at will ... and there will be no miles ... or phones ...

I can't wait to see him sitting on the couch ... with the kitty cats in his lap, just sitting there watching a show I have no interest in while he bugs me about spending time talking to my invisible friends on the internet ... and we smile, just because we're together ... our family, all in the same room. Changed forever by the last 6 weeks ... but still, together.


  1. This is great news, Pk! Thanking God for answered prayers, and asking for a great homecoming for all of you.

    (I love being your invisible friend, too!)

  2. awesome news pk... congradulations!!

  3. Pk, as I was about to write this comment, a comment from you on my blog came in ... we're on each other's blogs at the same time ...

    This stretch has been terrible for you. I can only imagine what a relief it will be to have him home.

    When you have time, keep us up on what's happening, okies? We're all here, thinking of you!

  4. invisible eh? maybe I oughtta hook up the webcam? LOLOL I am happy for your family and still praying for you all

  5. WAH-HOO!!! Sorry...still in VBS mode!

  6. Rejoicing with you! I'm so glad he's coming home! Praying as you both.

  7. Gotta love typos! I meant praying FOR you both!