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Friday, July 20, 2007

Bravery and Elephants

"It was the hardest week of my life. It was the best week of my life!"

Those were the first words out of the mouth of my 17 year old when I picked him up from the church today after he'd spent a week as a CIT (counselor in training)at church kids camp.

When we got into the car, he said "There is nothing more incredible in the world, than 150 kids singing praises to God"

Those are words ..that this mother was very proud to hear.

I'd spoken with the counselor he'd worked with. I'd asked Doug how he'd done, and his first words were not what a mom wants to hear "he's great! He's fantastic! What a kid you've got there!"

But rather "It was a growing experience!"

uh oh!

Then, he pulled me aside and told me the story, which, will remain between myself and Doug. Suffice it to say, while it was the best week in my sons life, it was, a hard week ...and he grew by leaps and bounds!

My son, has some deep fears ... they are a result of living with OCD. One of the worst ... heights. Last year, proudly watched him temporarily conquer them in order to participate in building the house as he worked on the roof. White as a ghost, and often sick to his stomach. Many times shaking. He got up there with his friends and the other workers. He did it. As afraid as he was ...because he wanted to build his house.

Well, his counselor took him out to a rope climbing course, not knowing his fears ...and not knowing he had OCD talked Samuel into climbing the ropes. Samuel, had a melt down ...and ... then Samuel swung from the ropes to get down!!!!

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes wondering how many times I've chosen to climb down the post rather than swing through the air. I'm proud of him. Very.

He really really enjoyed camp. As hard as it was ... he really enjoyed it. Watching kids make a decision for Christ, watching kids choose to work hard to win the 'golden plunger' to get the cleanest room. Watching kids mature ... and watching some maturity in himself.

Then tonight ... my husband and I, wanted to say thank you to some friends who'd been so helpful and supportive of us during our stay in the hospital. (um, er ..HIS stay in the hospital rather). So, we invited them to eat with us at the Elephant Bar Restaurant.

Now, after I got over my confusion ... in town, there is an Elephant Run ... I never knew that Elephant Run was a bar ... I always thought it was a restaurant.

So, when my friend sent out the email invites for us ... I freaked ...she sent out the invites to Elephant BAR ... OH NO!!! ELEPHANT RUN!!!!!!!

So she comes back and says "YOU WANT TO GO TO THE BAR?" (kids were invited, church small group event as well as thank you event!)


So ...then I find out that Elephant BAR is the restaurant ..and Elephant Run is the bar ... go figure. I'm still confused.

Ok, so we go tonight ...and there were 20 or so people who showed up. It was absoluetly incredible ... lots of fun ...and loud! We didn't get to speak with everyone, but everyone had a wonderful time. It was nice to have everyone together ...and it was a great time. It was nice to look down the table and see "these people all came ...and helped us, repeatidly!!" How wonderful to know we are truly loved ..and we truly love.

It was also good to see them out of the hospital. *smile*


  1. It was a very special moment.

  2. I am so proud of your boy! I've got a tear in my eye and a chest so full of pride it's about to explode. The remains of you chest must already be in little bits on the floor around you ;-) Some days being a mom is so grand!