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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogger Buddy!

I have a dear blogger friend. Cathy, she is quite the determined woman.

Last year, she participated in an exhausting feat of blogging for 24 hours ... 48 posts in 24 hours ... this year, even after living through the physical exhaustion (Cathy is not the healthiest person on the planet) she is doing it again.

This time, she's blogging for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

While my friend's baby never went to St. Jude's ... it WAS considered. They were the ones who gave the final diagnosis of ATRT tumor ... and the reason she didn't go was because the doctor's here in Oklahoma City had been St. Jude trained doctor's. She would have gotten the same care at St Judes that she got here. The only difference being, she'd have been away from family and friends.

I can't look at the pictures of St. Judes, because they hurt so dearly. My friend's baby ... St. Jude's is working ... on finding a cure for the ATRT brain cancer ..but they've yet to do so.

Please ... help Cathy's Place, in finding her place in helping to prevent the future Teresa's and Kylie's.



  1. PK, thank you so much for doing this post and for the link.

    Kylie, was so beautiful! I'm so sorry!

  2. Hi I was looking for blogs that also talk about pearls and did not expect to find this one. And I am very touched by both of you gals for what you do, and will definitely link to you. And it will be posted here at: