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Monday, June 25, 2007

not much today

Nothing much to update today,

I tried to wake up this morning and my body would just not wake up. I was soo drowsy, I just kept falling asleep.
Don called to see when I was coming in, and I told him I couldn't seem to wake up, and he and I agreed I would just sleep till I was slept out.

When I finally woke up, I realized that I was sooo hot. I thought I'd turned the a/c off, or the a/c wasn't working. So I went to check the a/c.
Nope, a/c is just fine ...and blowing.
I swallowed ...and realized ...whoops, the throat hurts.

So I took my temperature ...101.2. Crud.

I called the doctor, they called back. Under normal circumstances, they'd make me come in, but given that they'd just stuck me on prednsione dose pack for the lupus/MG flare, and that I've been exposed for the last month to who knows what around the hospital ... and I'm on Cellcept (immunosuppressant) even if it IS a virus, it could go into a secondary bacterial, and Don doesn't need that exposure. So, stay home till I'm fever free for 24 hours ... and take the antibiotics.

*whew* the last thing I wanted was to drag myself to the doctor's right now. 99 times out of 100, I would cringe out of a doctor giving antibiotics without an exam or proof of bacterial infection. This, is the 1 time out of 100 that I was really hoping they'd just go around the standard rule.

Ya know, I *ALMOST* on gut instinct asked for a script of antibiotics when she started me on the high dose prednisone last week. I've never started on high doses of prednisone without getting sick. I thought about it, and said I promise to let you know if I use them. And thought "nah, that's absurd"

On the Don front.

Sigh. He called last night, they'd come in to weigh him ... he's down to 90.4 pounds. He was 98 lbs when he checked in. They have him on a high calorie, high protien diet and he is eating. I guess the physical exercise is pushing him and burning more calories in trying to build his endurance to gain back what he's lost?

The pulmonologist is trying to give his nose a break and seeing what happens when he's off oxygen when he's just laying down without activity. The nurses, the Respiratory therapists and PT's are not impressed. He was at 98 to 100 on oxygen, and just laying down doing nothing dropped to 94.

However, he's had bloody noses for the last 3 or 4 days. So, at least for a couple of days, as long as it stays at 94 ... we're going to give his nose a chance to heal.

So, today, I'm home, much to my husband's dismay ... :( (but you've been coming up not feeling good for the last week!!) trying to get healthy enough to go back up again and not infect him with what ever has invaded my body.

I did make a couple of phone calls to say "he needs company!"

Wow, that was longer than I intended.


  1. Summer colds are yucky. There's something about being sick in the winter that makes it a bit easier. Getting cozy under the blankets and all.

    Anyway, hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hi DA (dreaming again)! Thanks...please be assured you're remembered on the throne of grace. Take care. C U!

  3. time for you to go to bed and just rest and EAT and get your strength back up. You've been under great stress and you need to take care of yourself for everyones sake. send the boys to visit don and get your booty into bed. And EAT

  4. You worry me girl friend. You have to take care of yourself too. You know we are praying for Don to get better. (((Hugs)))

  5. You are tagged. Go to Wanda's Wings to see what. You know you are in my prayers, both you and Don. Please take care of yourself>

  6. After reading the post below, I get it even more why you want to be there with him. but, it's like that old analogy ofthe airplane oxygen mask that you must put on first, before helping others...you have to take care of your own health which really does sound like a challenge. I hope knowing that so many care about you, special lady, and keep you in their thoughts and prayers helps at least a little bit.

  7. I hope that you get to feeling better.

    You need to get some sleep.

    There's nothing like resting at your own home.