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Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

Today was Father's Day.

It's the first Father's Day I spent with my real father since I was 13. He's been in town for the last week. I only spent about 30 minutes with him, he came up to the hospital to see Don and the boys and I. My sister's family had been passing around a respiratory infection ..and my Dad caught it, so he was wearing a mask. I'd suggested (strongly) that coming up was not a good idea, but he came anyway, insisting that he wanted to see Don one more time. He told Don on the phone that it was just a sore throat. Then when they got ready to leave the room (they leave town tomorrow) K (his new wife) said that the night before he'd been coughing so bad he'd not even been able to lie down to sleep and had to sleep sitting up. I, was not amused. The mask had better have been enough to keep from passing the germs on. It's obviously highly contagious because it made the rounds through my sisters kids, then onto my Dad ... it's the last thing Don needs and I take strong drugs to suppress my immune system (Cellcept and prednisone).

A friend came by to see Don, and brought her 2 children. They'd used their Bible bucks at church to buy Don father's day gifts. They don't have a father in their lives. They adore Don, and they look to him for leadership and as a male role model. They love him dearly. It touched Don more than anyone could have imagined. Including my own kids. They were so proud of their little friends, and so happy to share their Dad with the kids ... it was really special.

Don has a particular gift he wants ... and it's specific, and he and the boys are supposed to get it together. So, we were waiting till he got out of the hospital so they can go get it together ...rather than me messing it up and getting the wrong one. (tecno gadget MP3 player). The boys were just tickled Daddy got to open something on Father's Day. Don was worried they'd feel bad ...and they were so relieved he had something to open.

Don, is getting very depressed over his lack of progress in gaining strength and mobility. With no permanent answers, and the possibility of this new lifestyle change ...dependency ..adjustment ... it's hard. My heart is breaking for him. I'm so glad that I've made the choice to stay with him this week. I know he said he wanted me to go to camp, but emotionally, he really could not have taken me being gone this week.

I'm really getting weary ...and today has been particularly hard. I was walking down the hallway of the hospital and just got suddenly angry at my step father for not being here ... for leaving me when I was 14 ... I need his support and unconditional love right now. I need those strong loving arms right now that will tell me that all will be ok ...that regardless .. he's there ...only ... he's not ..and he never will be again.

Tomorrow, my mom goes in for an evaluation with the PCP, again, for her frequent falling (did I post that the day after Don was admitted to the hospital that she broke her finger? ... the forefinger on the hand with the cast ...that made 5 bones in 9 weeks that she'd broken) and she's also going to include her jerky movements, her inability to complete thoughts and her forgetfulness.

I'm supposed to be there, but I have to take my kids to the church to take them to camp. I can't be in 2 places at one time ... I had to make a choice. As much as I've been fighting to get my mom some help, I really need to take my kids and to be able to hug 'my girl's' and explain to them why I'm not going to camp.

The PCP appointment is to get a referral to a neurologist ...so hopefully I will be able to accompany her on that appointment. In the meantime, maybe me not being there to interpret what's going on just might do more good in getting a diagnosis than if I am there??? Maybe if they can't follow her, they'll get what we're dealing with. Maybe I'm just wishful thinking. Right now, that has to be left in God's hands.

I wish I had better news ... Today (Father's day) is 26 days in the hospital. We're both so weary and trying so hard to not be weary. I think, if we had some answers besides "we'll know more in 6 months" it would be so much easier.


  1. I know that your faith is strong and I'm praying that God will give you strength that you need in so many other areas right now with all you are going through.

  2. Peggy, I haven't visited in way too long...I will be praying for you.

  3. I am so very sorry for all you and your family are going thru right now. I pray for Don and you and your children every night. My polio guy isnt where yours is, but I see him in serious pain every night and he's losing strength..... my heart goes out to you.

  4. Pearlie, I've always been so grateful to have you as a long-distance blog-relative.

    Now, I only wish I could be there to hold your hand and give you a bear hug.

    Please take care of yourself, and try to let God take care of Don.

    As always, all my prayers are with you both.