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Monday, June 04, 2007

Rough Day

Today is a rough day.

They haven't moved him yet to the Long Term Care facility.

They did get him an air mattress so that it protects his skin and joints. It took them about 30 minutes and he was in a chair the whole time. It completely wiped him out, and 3 hours later, he still had not recovered.

His hours on the Bipap have been changed to 9 pm to 8 am, solid then from noon till 5pm. So he'll be off of it from 8 am to noon, and 5 to 9.

So, he'll have 8 hours a day off, and during times that he can visit with people.

He was hurting so bad today. His right arm is hurting and there is some numbness. He keeps having it jerk, almost like you'd see in some parkinsons patients. It woke him up 2 times this afternoon when he hit the bedrail. He is loosing some control over it. The doctors are aware of it, and are watching it carefully. It is something they will address in the long term care facility.

Today was a tiring day, for both of us. I don't know why we both felt kind of discouraged and tired.

I left the hospital a little early and decided I wasn't ready to face home ..and ran away ... I went to an IHOP and then called my friend Teresa, the one who lost the baby girl a few weeks ago. I was going to ask her if she could come up and sit with me. I called her and told her I'd kind of ran away and was hiding from the world and she said "Oh, I'm up at IHOP talking with J & R" *blink*
Thanks God ... you knew just what I needed.

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