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Thursday, May 03, 2007


A year ago, the address I'm writing from didn't even exist.

The lot was here, but it was an empty corner lot. The street running to the side of our house was the official street address of our lot. Actually, several lots. Then, we got the lots and the city re zoned it so that the house would face Cedar instead of Houston ... and gave the whole several lots one address ... and a new address that never existed before in the city's history was born.

Fedex just dropped off a box of medicine to my house. I was staring out the window contemplating a brand new address that had never existed and he just walked up to the door ... and rang the bell.

Our spring weather isn't really being nice ... it's been kind of painful ... my muscles and joints just are not responding well to the changes and the constant air pressure change. I hurt everywhere and I can't seem to make it stop.

This week, I wrote an article for a youth ministry forum, Youth Ministry Exchange. It is an important, but difficult subject. Written to youth pastors on how to recognise if one of their youth members has been raped. I shared the article with my psychiatrist who asked me, what I hope was a rhetorical question (meaning, I hope he wasn't asking me specificially) question of "How can we better 'equip the saints' to reach past our social etiquette?"

Given how firmly I denied everything for as long as I did, I don't have the answer.

On the lighter side, my son got a digital camera this week. He's going camera crazy. He needs to practice his expression when taking his own picture ... a bit too much concentration. :)
However, I am glad because I finally got a picture of my kitchen table ... I have been wanting to get it. It's a beautiful table and it's unusual. Everyone comments on it when they see it ... and I'm absolutely sure there is some history behind it somewhere. It's maple and it is not veneer. That is thick maple, heavy ... beautiful. We have the matching buffet to it too. My parents bought it at an antique shop in 1965 or 1966.


Keep Teresa and her family in your prayers, she's going to need it for quite some time to come.

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