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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Advertising and Blogs

I know that many blogs are simply advertisments. I know that many people are dead set against using their blogs as advertisments. I know that many people fall somewhere in between.

Recently, I added an ad to mine that said I could earn money if I put that ad on my blog. So far, nada ... I'm not sure what it's doing ...but ... no one has complained about it ..so .. oh well.

But, right now, I'm going to put a blatant ad on my blog. Why? Because it's for a business that I think needs some advertisement and one that I think has a very good product.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I'm not exactly a person who goes for alternative medicine. You have to really really convince me of something before I will believe it. This site, is an alternative medicine, sort of, site. It's actually an Herbalists site.

Now, the person who runs it is not your run of the mill herbalist. She has her RN, and she knows what it's like to hurt. She does not throw traditional medicine out the window, she has her own MD and she believes in working with the person's belief's.

She produces a quality product. She started out many years ago ... learning a little here and and there, by that, I don't mean hit and miss, I mean ... she studied ... and didn't just fly off the handle and decided that she knew it all at once.

She really took the time to learn it before she applied it.

She didn't make something until she knew what she was making and how it could help. She started out, if I remember right by getting a massage therapy liscence (although, much to my chagrin, she doesn't do massages anymore, sigh) And month by month, week by week and day by day has educated herself ... through many different resources and experts as to what herb does what.

Her products, are top notch. I have come to rely heavily on her healing salve.

I get sores in my nose, in my mouth and on the edges of my mouth from the lupus, and I've tried everything the rheumatologist has recomended ...and ya know, the Healing Salve is the only thing that helps. Instant pain relief when I put it on the nose or lips sores! When you're talking a lupus sore ...that, is saying something.
This is what her website says about the Healing Salve"
"Ingredients are known to speed healing and repair damage of the skin, due to surgery, insect bites, cuts & scrapes, reduces pain, inflammation, decreases chance of infection and may reduce scarring.
Has effectively been used on diaper rash, surgical incisions, yeast infections, for dried and cracking skin conditions"

My she has a treatment for acne ..although, I'm not sure what it's called, it's on the website.

She has the MOST incredible bath salts ... of every imaginable kind!!
She has mom and baby products, I will have to admit ... with my youngest being 15 ... I've not looked much at those :)

Her lip balm ... would give anything you can buy in the store a run for it's money ... including my no longer favorite ... Carmex! My sons like it better than Blistex, I can't compare it to Blistex since I'm highly allergic to Blistex. I can say I like hers better than Carmex.

Now ... if I sound over the top ... and I probably do ... you have to understand ...I was propbably the hardest person for her to convince. I probably should have been the easiest ... after all ... I am her sister in law. But ... I've been a hard and fast anti alternative medicine person ..and I was not an easy sell ... but I can promise you, her products are absolutely incredible.

They smell absolutely fantabulous ...

As someone who is very skeptical ... I am also very satisfied.

My favorite would have to be
Lip balm
Healing salve (necessary!)
Romance Lotion. *smells heavenly!!!)

Please please, go visit Healingherbals.org
or email HealingHerbals2001@aol.com
and tell Pam that Peggikaye sent ya ...
she will treat ya right. I promise!!!


  1. Hi PK-
    Re: your blog ad... I started reading blogs through bloglines a few months ago, so I rarely see you actual blog. That means I also don't see the ads (but that means you don't get any revenue from me... sorry :(


  2. I didn't want to do the blog ad things, but I think it could be a fantastic way to earn dinero.

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