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Saturday, May 12, 2007

The difference is the size of their Toys

The newest edition of the Eagler's household is my husband's 'lawnmower'.

Twitch standing guard.

Checking out the engine (again ...from a different angle ya know?)

Gotta read the horsepower up close! (it might have changed in the rain!)
DonandToy2 002

Now really, can you mow with your foot in there?, is that safe?

Um, can you mow the lawn from inside the porch railing?
Take note of Twitch's ears, he is SO not happy about Don being on HIS tractor!!!

These were the pictures that were emailed to us before we bought it. We bought it from a young man who'd bought it at the end of 2004, used it for the summer of 2005, 2006, and then a couple of weeks ago, went out and bought a zero radius turn tractor. His wife, is fit to be tied. He had to unload this one, and fast .. at a loss if necessary so she didn't have to look at 2 perfectly good tractors ... Which, is what enabled Mr. Eagler to get his toy ..er Tractor ...




Note ... the most important feature

The cup holder ...for the coffee.


  1. PK, that looks sweet!! Congratulations. I hope it stays dry enough you can use it and use it good!

  2. awwwwww-looks like a happy hubby to me!!!

  3. That's really nice!

    Looks like a racing tractor to me!

    Way Cool!


  4. What can ya say... boys and there toys LOL... its very nice!!

    tell the hubs to have fun;)

    You do know he's never comming in again will mow the lawn at least twice a week and offer to mow the neighbor's lawn as well? *grin*