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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday's World

Whoever was driving the truck that ran over me ... please step up and admit it!!

Geepers Kreepers .. I feel like I've been pushed through a keyhole and pulled back out backwards!

The wind is blowing furiously out there ...stirring up every known and unknown allergen to my body ... and my body is in full rebellion.

It dawned on me today. Today is February 28th, the last day of the second month. I started to think about not having heard from the endocrinologist on my blood test results ... and not hearing when my rheumy appt was for March ...and come to think of it ...when was my last monthly lab test for my Cellcept that I take ... January 6th was the answer to that one.

Well Good.

I did a whopping good job of staying on top of THAT !

I'm also a few months late in my dermatology check. Great place for a skin cancer survivor with lupus to be. I think, I was supposed to do my follow up in July.

I guess tomorrow morning I need to take back control of my health management before it spirals out of control and then I get into trouble I can't deal with. blah.

Boy I'm cranky today.

On the good news front. I found a friend from high school. It's been really cool talking to her through emails. Amazing what you learn about yourself 25 years ago when someone else starts to talk about how they saw you.

I'm watching Dr. Phil and the show on the triplets ... I just had to erase what I wrote ..the shows not over yet ...so I don't think it's fair I comment yet.

Benjamin got in trouble at school. Not much. Not much at all. Actually, no discipline was taken, it was a note sent home. "Benjamin could be doing better in science if he was socializing less"


My TURTLE is socializing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!?!?!??!?!???!?!?! He does, a lot at church ... and around family ...but at school?? Never. In 15 years ... he's NEVER EVER gotten into trouble for talking in class, out of turn or any such thing!

He doesn't socialize at church during sunday school ...or any structured time ..it starts, and he turns into a turtle ...it's like learning time shuts him down.

So ... something has happened at this new school ...between homeschooling him and the atmosphere of this new school ...to allow him to feel relaxed enough ... to be a normal kid ...and talk during class!!!

YEAH WHOO!! *grin* Not that I want him to make a habit of it ... but this is a good thing.


  1. i hope you hear of some results soon and we are so glad your son is feeling safe enough to interact YEY

  2. The weather has been ferocious around here lately too.

  3. That is a good thing- your son becoming social