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Saturday, February 10, 2007

I Always Knew I Belonged Here


A teddy bear, that no one wanted, bought by a little girl ... taken home ... repaired ... and made to be acceptable ...to fit in .. to show that he belonged .. he found a home ...

When the story ends Corduroy sighs and says "I always knew I belonged here"

That's how my home is beginning to feel. I was looking at the pictures on my side bar this evening. The ones of the house in building stage ...the brand new, and empty living room, the brightly painted walls ... the cabinets empty .. and newly built, waiting to house our family.

We've been here for slightly more than 2 months. Yet, it feels more like home than the mobile home did in the whole 6 years we lived there! Before that, we'd lived in a smaller mobile home, and that one, it felt like home. It was older, and there were some repairs that needed to be done ... but it was cute ...and we loved it. It, was home. It was where my kids were born, and where we brought up our babies. We loved that place.

The other trailer, while, we appreciated the thought behind the way we got it ... we never liked it. We didn't like the lay out, the trailer was falling apart when we moved in ...and continued to do so more and more. It just wasn't ours. It was always ... his sister's home.

So we get moved into this house ...and it immediately became home. It was so funny ..the first few weeks were this pendulumn between feeling like we'd always belonged here ... and a question of how in the world did we get here. 2 and a half months later ... it's settled. We belong here.

We've taken our less than perfect family, with our health problems and our disorders and our oddities and our quirks ... and made them fit. We've sewn on the button of acceptance. Now we can sit back, smile in the comfort of our own home and say in all confidence ... "We've always known we belonged here, we are home"

Home Sweet Home


  1. Hey "Dorothy"!

    There's no place like home!

    ;+ )

    I'm so glad that you have one too!


  2. You are where you belong. Home! You also throw a great party!

  3. Hey Peggikaye...

    There's been earthquakes in Del City earlier this week and now it's snowing over here!

    Can you believe this?

    How are you guys doing?

    I just thought I would stop by and wish you a happy Valentine's Day!


  4. Beatiful!! I am so happy for you