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Monday, February 26, 2007

Jeremiah 32:17

Oh, Lord God, you made the skies and the earth with your very great power. There is nothing too hard for you to do.

These are two of the paintings given me at my housewarming. I don't have them hanging yet. That's a whole long story. Which, has nothing to do with this post.


This is a shot of Tioga Pass in Yosemite National Park. Look at the power of the water coming over those rocks ... you can almost feel the power of water as it shoots over the edge of the waterfall ... the beauty of the rocks, the sky, the water and the power of it all combine together to form a site that every year has thousands of tourists in awe of what simply exists.

Today, in church, I signed a song. I hadn't signed in a worship service in close to 2 years because of my shoulder. Well, that and a bit of ... nerves. The last tme I was asked to sign, I was unable to sign the song I was asked to sign. I've been signing since I was a young teenager, and well, quite frankly, there had never been anything I hadn't been able to do. Having interpreted at one point, I could sign quickly and effectively, if needed... so a hard song shouldn't have been a challenge. But, this one ... was. It ... unerved me.

I played it for 2 friends who signed ...professionally. Both said they'd not have been able to sign it artistically either. A man who was deaf came to our church 2 months earlier and we'd sang it and I interpretted it just fine. So, I know I can SIGN it fast enough. But to ARTISTICALLY sign it ... I froze. For the first time in my life ... I was 40 years old, and a song was unsignable for me.

Within a few weeks, my shoulder really started to hurt. Signing became impossible, literally, and I didn't have to worry about the fear. It was easy to put it on the backshelf. It, was a non issue!

Then I got my shoulder fixed ... last April. It was probably ready to sign ..by August. But, today was the first day I signed in front of anyone. It was the right song ..at the right moment. I was asked on the spot ..didn't have enough of a chance to say no or to think about it. It was a song that was crying out for me to sign ...

There is a fountain ...who is the King ... Victorious Warrior and Lord of Everything! My Rock My shelter! My VERY OWN! Precious Redeemer who reigns upon the throne!

As I signed ... the power of the fountain in Tioga Pass came to my memory ... Anyone who's had the privilege of standing near a waterfall ...of any size ...can understand the glory of a waterfall ... THERE IS A FOUNTAIN!

Alas, it did make me homesick, again, for the mountains of Yosemite. God is going to have to put Yosemite in my backyard in Heaven ;)

But I'm so grateful for a God who's so powerful, and so gentle at the same time ... so personal ...so protective, my shelter, my rock, My VERY OWN! What a privilege it is to be able to worship.

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