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Thursday, February 15, 2007



A bit of a shock to my system ... I planned it for about 3 months .... cutting my hair to try to make it look healthier and thicker ... I don't like it much. I want my long thick healthy hair back. But I'm not going to get it back. So ... Hopefully, I will get used to this.
My oldest son loves it.
My youngest doesn't.
My husband doesn't. (but he was with me and held my hand while I did it)
I don't.


  1. I had to make the same decision.I want the hair I had when I 17. It was long and thick and pretty. I could wear it as long as I wanted and it looked GOOD. Now if it gets to my shoulders it looks thin and stringy and pathetic. Its so thin that I HAVE to keep it short in order to look as if I have any hair at all. Psoriasis and medications have destroyed any possibilty of long sexy hair ((((PK)))) it doesnt look bad at all. :P Its cute. Still looks like you have at least twice as much as me. I'm nearly ready to buy a wig. Sometimes I wonder if I shaved it bald would it grow back thicker ??I can take being old, I can take being fat, but my hair?!?!?!?! not fair. I understand. HUMONGOUS HUGS

  2. I love it! It looks youthful and fresh. I know it feels different... but it's really becoming on you!

  3. I love it--it looks super cute!!!! ((hugs)) You will love it when you adjust to the shock of doing something different (and your hubby will too!)! ;o)

  4. Looks great! It looks thicker and very stylish. I really like it!

  5. Very pretty!!! it looks good on you and really makes your face look pretty!!!

  6. Count me in the "love it" category! Looks thicker/fuller and it really draws attention to your eyes...a good thing in my book!

  7. I agree.

    Good hairdo.

    Short hair also makes women look younger.