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Sunday, July 17, 2005


Pearls and Dreams

Like mother like son
Donut and Twitch (Donut is the one lying sideways, Twitch is the one with 'the tail')

I am a cat person ... and I've had cats for as long as I can remember ... but of all the cats I've ever owned, Donut, has been my favorite.

Last December, Donut gave birth to 6 kittens (lost one) and then she escaped before we could get her fixed. Last Tuesday, she gave birth to one little kitten, then started to hemorrage (sp?) and we had to have her put to sleep on Wednesday.

The kitten, was very strong and we named him Sampson. We bottle fed Sampson ..and he seemed fine. Till this morning ...he had a 'clicking' with his breathing ...and a few minutes ago ... I went to feed him before going to my meeting and found that he'd died.

Maybe he just missed his mommy too much. I miss his mom too.

Twitch sleeping against mamma Donut

Donut & Twitch


  1. Awww that's so sad, I'm so sorry :(

  2. very cute shots, so sorry about the loss... a friend's dog just gave birth to 7 puppies... don;t know how they recover.

  3. Really sorry to hear about your loss. I am more of an animal person than a people person and find the loss of a pet very difficult. Allow yourself to grieve, it never helps to hold it in.

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