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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Pearls and Dreams

Pearls and Dreams

Well ...another gremlin free day ... but ... this won't be as long as I'd like it to be ... I'm headed back to bed shortly , my head is hurting. I just got on line looking for an important email and when the computer was working decided headache or no ... I should catch up a few things before Max Headroom caught up to me.

Oklahoma has not hit triple digit temperatures since 2003 ... and we've done a smashingly good time of making up for it in the last few days ... 102 yesterday ... depending on who you listen to ...103 to 105 today ... when you add in the heat index that will push it over 110. My allergies and immune system are in massive overdrive ... thus the reason for the headache. (As well as a full blown lupus flare and a minor MG flare)

Heaven help me ... there is nothing on the television this afternoon but paid adverisements, golf, tennis, baseball and an old movie. I like the old movie, but my son saw it and thinks once is enough. None of us like the paid advertisements. Tennis ... I can watch & enjoy, baseball ... I will watch & get into ..but I'd MUCH rather watch it in person, it looses something on TV, and what does my 15 year old want to watch ... GOLF ... golf????? Golf is the most boring sport known to mankind. GOLF???????
We're watching Tennis till my migraine medication sets in. Then he and his brother (who has found out that he's a natural at golf, not a good thing for someone living on our income to learn) can watch golf to their hearts content.

Interesting factoid we learned watching television last night. Amazing Race came to Tulsa for contestants this last week ...CBS Tulsa Affiliate showed some clips ... we were watching and laughing at the try outs ... and suddenly ... two friends faces flashed on our screen!!!!!! GO ERIC & WES!!!!!!!!! They are both married, with little girls, Eric has 2, Wes has 1. Wes is in my small group, and Erics brother in law leads my small group, Eric and I are on the worship team together behind the scenes stuff. Wes has had to overcome some amazing obstacles in his life to get to where he is ... he is Benjamin's idol .and role model.
So we're really really hoping they get it. It would be soooo cool to see them on Amazing race ..and so fun watching them pull some of those stunts like eating an Ostritch egg or 2 lbs of cavier LOL
They are both really really neat guys ... Eric's biggest flaw ...he thinks that when his 3 1/2 year old and 8 month old girls are teenagers, he will be able to 'reason' with them

His oldest daughter was born on my birthday, so she's special to me anyway!

I saw my pulmonologist on Monday, lungs were clear, but my movement of the chest wall was 'minimal' and he didn't like my eye movements ... so now I have to go back to my neuro. I'd cut back my mestinon because of side effects ...Dr. G wasn't happy that I'd done it on my own. I informed him I have that worked out with Dr. M and he still didn't like that. But, Dr. G's mom was a friend of mine, and if he doesn't take good care of me, before she died, she threatened to come back and haunt him ...so he's just a bit overprotective of me (grin).
I'm calling neuro next week ... can't continue to take the higher doses that i've taken for 13 years ... because the side effects that have never been there, but ... now the MG is raring it's ugly head ... Dr. G seems to think double vision and breathing at full capacity is an important issue. So ... I'll make the call. I told him I'd do it last Tuesday ... I haven't. I will Monday.

Lupus is just plain rude. I've overdone it for the last 3 or 4 weeks, plus with the summer heat, a couple of minor sun burns (yea, I know ...lupus + sun exposure bad idea).

Our church is going to be short handed next week ... Children's pastor out on Maternity leave, Youth pastor at kids camp for the children's pastor, Church secretary out of town to see a sick relative. leaving the senior pastor and the associate pastor. So ... one girl and Samuel will be manning the phones next week. Sarah on Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday Thursday Friday for Samuel. It's nice they have that kind of confidence! (he better not embarace me! LOL)

Well ... I have a lot I wanted to ay the next time I blogged, something profound and deep ..but headaches tend to leave room for facts ...just the facts .... so ... maybe later tonight I can find something more profound to say.

Hope everyone is doing well.


  1. Lord help you with the heat. And migraines on top of it. We need a prayer tree--no a "bloggers prayer-bush"--to spread out over the net for you. Let my prayer for some heat relief be the first "shoot" to post.

    And my love.
    Little Pond

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